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We work with private companies who have raised Series A and beyond to facilitate trading of employee stock awards using our wide network of investor base.

Employee Retention

Wows Global Companies Employee Retention

Attract and retain top talent by allowing customized liquidity solutions to the employees.

Not all companies are created equal from DAY 1 when it comes to offering competitive salary packages. Visibility on potential liquidity on stocks is the most decisive factor in retaining early stage startup employees over the long term.

Flexible Encashment Solutions

Wows Global Companies Flexible Encashment Solution

We understand each company has its own unique expectations around the liquidity it’s willing to offer to its employees.

Our marketplace provides the flexible solution to create a balance between stock vesting and liquidity schedules which allows companies to have complete control on their liquidity programs.

Legal assistance

Wows Global Companies Legal

We cater to the unique stock awards structure for each company and provide a free of cost legal assistance in seamlessly lifting up any transfer restrictions, converting the stock awards to tradable securities.

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