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High Returns

Wows Global Investors High Returns

Embrace the valuation creation from the most promising private tech startups in South-East Asia by taking part into it. Wows Global now offers a unique opportunity to build exposure as early as Series A funding stage.

Cost Effective

Wows Global Investors Cost Effective

Invest within a few clicks by taking exposure with an extremely limited amount of capital upfront. Look at it as if you’d buy an investment property, see its value rise over time, but only put a deposit as your effective cost of investment. Our in-house legal assistance services act as a cherry on top as it saves the investors a lot on legal fees and other secretarial costs.

Visibility & Expertise

Wows Global Investors Visibility Expertise

We allow the investors to have access to discrete information on private companies which assists them to navigate the private market with confidence.

Seamless Onboarding

Wows Global Investors Seamless Onboarding

A dedicated team will accompany and take you through the process from end-to-end. We’re reinventing the onboarding experience to make it as easy as ordering a pizza from your couch.

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