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Cash Your Stash
Liquidity Solutions
For Private Company Employees

Unprecedented Liquidity Access for Private Company Employees.

At WOWS Global, we provide best-in-class liquidity solutions
for private company employees by enabling early trade of their Stock Awards.

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Investment Opportunities
in High Growth Private Companies

Our secure marketplace allows investors to explore private growth companies
provides access to investment opportunities,
diversify their portfolios, and maximize returns.

Billions of Dollars
Worth of Stocks
are Illiquid in SEA

Wows Global


Fast Growing

*source: crunchbase, Series A and later, South-East Asia

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Avg Size of
an ESOP Pool

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Paper Equity
Locked in SEA

How We Work


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Removing Transfer restrictions

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Corporate Governance

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Insights and Transparency


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Liquidity on need basis

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Offer Stock Award for Sale

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Matching with Buyers

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Access to fast growth companies

High Returns

Seamless Trade

Cost Effective

Frequently Asked Questions

Wows Global FAQ

These are just some of the most common questions we get asked. For anything else, please contact us – we would be delighted to help.

→ More about the FAQ here

1) What are the criterias for companies to be listed on Wows Global Platform?

You must be a Series A or beyond company to be listed on our platform.

2) What are your fees?

Our services are completely free for the company. We charge a fixed percentage of commission directly from the employees and investors on the successful deals only.

3) What kind of investors do you work with?

We work with Accredited Investors,Venture Capital or family offices, Private Equity Funds and High Net Worth Individuals.

4) What kind of securities do you deal with?

We deal with all kinds of employee stock awards including but not limited to Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), Stock Options, etc.

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