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  • Connect with Investors and Accelerate Your Growth
    Empower Your Vision, Secure Your Future

    Connect with Investors and Accelerate Your Growth

    The WOWS Investment Portal connects you with a global network of investors who are looking to support innovative companies like yours.

    • Showcase Your Company

      Provide detailed information about your company, including your mission, milestones, and financials. Highlight what makes your business unique and how you plan to scale.

    • Engage with Investors

      Interact directly with potential investors through the WOWS Investment Portal. Share updates, respond to inquiries, and build relationships that can lead to successful funding rounds.

  • Find the Next Big Thing in Tech and Innovation
    Discover Innovative Ventures, Invest in the Future

    Find the Next Big Thing in Tech and Innovation

    Explore a curated selection of innovative companies seeking investment. Our platform provides detailed insights into each opportunity, helping you make informed decisions.

    • Curated Investment Opportunities

      Gain access to a diverse range of startups and established businesses. Review detailed company profiles, financial data, and growth potential to identify the best investment opportunities.

    • Seamless Investment Process

      Manage your investment process from start to finish with the WOWS Investment Portal. Communicate directly with founders, review updates, and track the progress of your investments with ease.

Why Users Trust Us

Proven Excellence in Service

  • Top-Rated on Capterra

    Top-Rated on Capterra

    Celebrated for outstanding service, our platform has earned a 5-star rating from satisfied users on Capterra.

  • Exceptional Support Recognized

    Exceptional Support Recognized

    Awarded for best-in-class support, we're proud to be acknowledged by Software Advice in 2023.

  • Best Value Distinction by Capterra

    Best Value Distinction by Capterra

    Honored with the Best Value award by Capterra, reflecting our commitment to deliver high-quality at great worth.

  • User-Approved on GetApp

    User-Approved on GetApp

    User reviews on GetApp acclaim our solution's performance and user satisfaction.

Uniting Visionaries and Investors

Achievements by Numbers

Discover the power of connection on WOWS, where companies and investors connect and grow together.

  • Startups & SMEs

    Startups & SMEs

    Growing daily with new innovators.

  • Investors


    VCs, Angels, Family Offices & Private Equity

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    Million USD

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Growth and success stories from our vibrant community of founders and investors.

Trusted by Innovators

  • Daniel Nguyen
    I adopted WOWS Global's equity management solutions to manage the stakeholders in our cap table as well as our ESOP. The solution is incredibly convenient to implement with an intuitive UI/UX and extensive functionalities. I can't imagine going back to using spreadsheets!
    Daniel Nguyen

    Daniel Nguyen

    CFO, Totally Awesome
  • Dennish Tjandra
    WOWS provides unparalleled access to promising startups and insightful deal opportunities. It's a great platform for any investor looking to connect and grow their portfolio.
    Dennish Tjandra

    Dennish Tjandra

    CVC | Venture Builder, SPIL Ventures
  • Samantha Tedjosugondo
    Collaborating with WOWS has greatly improved Sweef Capital's deal sourcing capabilities, connecting us with high-quality investment opportunities that align with our strategic goals.
    Samantha Tedjosugondo

    Samantha Tedjosugondo

    Vice President, Sweef Capital
  • Aditya Pendyala
    Thanks to the efforts of WOWS Global, the SEA startup ecosystem is continuing to nurture and progress. Their platform seamlessly connects investors, startups and other stakeholders with vital resources and networks, driving innovation and growth.
    Aditya Pendyala

    Aditya Pendyala

    Partner, FEBE Ventures
  • Irawan Ganda
    WOWS has been helpful in providing deal flow especially in Southeast Asia. The platform provides transparency on the valuation, fundraising status, and easy access to the data room.
    Irawan Ganda

    Irawan Ganda

    Principal, Spiral Ventures
  • Riski M.
    As a tech investor, the deal network is critical, particularly in the technology industry. Wows Global is an excellent endeavor that connects together venture funders and businesses by combining social networks into a single platform. The individuals behind the platform are super helpful in guiding the deals and providing excellent service. I am confident that WOWS Global's scalability value will have a stronger influence on both the venture capital industry and entrepreneurs
    Riski M.

    Riski M.

    Investor & Research Lead, Asiapay
  • Kevin Wijaya
    We're happy with the WOWS Investment Portal because they have been very supportive in helping us doing dealsourcing
    Kevin Wijaya

    Kevin Wijaya

    Director of Indonesia Office, Cyber Pay
  • Amit Lal Singh
    Taking into consideration the high risk startup investments have, I absolutely appreciate that WOWS does not have any fees ever for investors. More importantly, the quality of their deals are of the utmost standard and while it is not uncommon for me to pass on some investment opportunities - I still find each deal reviewed to be a key experience in making me a better investor.
    Amit Lal Singh

    Amit Lal Singh

    Angel Investor
  • Francisco Rodriguez
    WOWS Global being beside us on the CarsmeUp journey was one of the best things that could happen to us. Not only did we successfully close deals with two investors, but we were also advised and consulted on what's best for our company, considering the long term. We look forward to working closely with WOWS Global as we grow and expand across the region.
    Francisco Rodriguez

    Francisco Rodriguez

    Co-Founder, Carsmeup
  • Simon Carvi
    From assisting us with identifying the right investors to initiating the introductions and later supporting us with negotiating the term sheet - WOWS Global played a pivotal role in supporting us to securing the funding we've received thus far this round. I'd certainly be keen to engage their services again for future fundraising efforts.
    Simon Carvi

    Simon Carvi

    CEO, Huneety
  • Fon Pharida M
    Being a leader in the recruitment industry, ADI Resourcing has always appreciated the value of ESOPs and has always wanted to implement it for our very own superstar team. WOWS Global made this a reality and without their support - we wouldn't have been able to put together an ESOP policy that serves the interest our company, its stakeholders and most importantly, our employees.
    Fon Pharida M

    Fon Pharida M

    HR Manager, ADI Resourcing
  • Harprem Doowa
    The WOWS Global team led by Gagan Singh were very professional and sincere. They made the entire term sheet negotiation process simple and founder friendly. I'd highly recommend their services to all founders and would certainly engage them again.
    Harprem Doowa

    Harprem Doowa

    Founder & CEO, Eazy Digital
  • Doug Gyani
    WOWS leveraged their investor network to deliver the exact funding ask within an impressive 45 day timeline at very favorable terms. Even after their success fee, the cost of capital remains very competitive and I would highly recommend them to any company currently fundraising.
    Doug Gyani

    Doug Gyani

    CEO, Principia Consulting
  • David Henderson
    The software solutions provided by WOWS have proven to be invaluable for our startup in the process of raising funds. More importantly, their advisory and investment teams have been instrumental in guiding us through the review of the term sheets and fundraising advice in general
    David Henderson

    David Henderson

    CEO and Co-Founder, DRVR
  • Shannon Kalayanamitr
    I engaged WOWS' services to get support with reviewing my company's financial modeling, valuation and cap table. The team provided exceptional insights and a measurable contribution to the quality of our due diligence material. Great value add with key strategical input for even the savviest of founders!
    Shannon Kalayanamitr

    Shannon Kalayanamitr

    CEO, 5G Catalyst
  • David Wong
    WOWS Global was straightforward to work with. I submitted a request for investment with my pitch deck and all the required information. Within weeks, WOWS Global reached out to interested parties whom I connected with, and eventually got a term sheet from one of them in a couple of months. WOWS Global and their team were very helpful in terms of following up and making sure we put our best attributes forward for a successful potential transaction.
    David Wong

    David Wong

    Founder, Deemples
    Empowering Your Financial Journey

    Accelerating Success for Founders and Investors

    At the crossroads of innovation and investment, our platform facilitates growth by connecting visionary founders with strategic investors. Navigate the future of fundraising and investment with customized solutions built for triumph in an ever-evolving market.

    • Expert Matchmaking

      Discover your ideal startup or investor match with our intelligent pairing algorithm, designed to align interests and goals for long-term success.

    • Real-time Portfolio Tracking

      Stay informed with live updates on your investments, empowering founders and investors with critical insights for strategic decision-making.

    • Seamless Fundraising

      Navigate your funding journey with ease using our streamlined process that connects founders with top-tier investors.

    • Comprehensive Support

      Benefit from our extensive resources and expert guidance to ensure a smooth fundraising experience and informed investment choices.

    Collaborating with Industry Leaders

    Connected for Innovation

    WOWS is proud to be in association with premier financial and trade organizations across the Asia-Pacific region.

    • Singapore Fintech Association
    • India Thai Chamber Of Commerce (ITCC)
    • Thai Fintech Association
    • Thailand Board Of Investment (BOI)
    • La French Tech


      Explore answers to your key questions on startup investment strategies, funding stages, and investor matchmaking on our comprehensive FAQ page

      • What is the WOWS Investment Portal?

        The WOWS Investment Portal is an investment ecosystem designed to connect a diverse range of companies, including startups and SMEs, with potential investors to facilitate capital raises.

        The platform offers various tiers of profile listings, each tailored to meet different needs and stages of company development. With services like the "Endorsed" and "Pitch Ready" plans, WOWS Global provides tools and resources that help companies enhance their appeal to investors and navigate the complexities of the investment process.

        This includes features like WOWS-endorsed profiles on WOWS Deal Flow, dedicated investment managers, and comprehensive support for preparing investor meetings and negotiating term sheets. The platform ensures that investors have access to a curated pool of companies without any associated fees, streamlining the investment process and supporting dynamic growth within the business ecosystem.

      • Is there a specific sector or industry WOWS Global focuses on?

        WOWS Global does not restrict its focus to specific sectors or industries. Instead, the organization is open to a wide range of companies across various fields. This inclusive approach allows WOWS Global to remain flexible and responsive to changing investment trends and investor interests.

      • What kind of investments can we expect through WOWS Global ?

        Through WOWS Global, companies can expect a versatile range of investment types and sizes to accommodate various stages and needs of their business growth. This flexibility ensures that businesses across different sectors can find suitable funding options tailored to their specific requirements. Here’s a more detailed look at the kinds of investments available:

        Primary Equity Raises: These are direct investments into the company for equity shares. Primary equity raises are fundamental for early-stage companies looking to build capital for expansion, product development, or market entry. This type of investment is typically utilized by startups and growth-stage companies aiming to scale their operations.

        Secondary Equity Raises: Unlike primary equity raises that fund company operations directly, secondary transactions involve the purchase of existing shares from other shareholders or founders. This can be beneficial for allowing early investors or founders to realize some gains from their investment or equity stakes without the company having to raise new capital.

        SAFE Notes (Simple Agreement for Future Equity): SAFE notes are instruments that convert into equity at a later date, typically at the time of the next funding round. They are designed to simplify the early-stage investment process, providing startups with quick access to capital without immediately diluting ownership. SAFE notes are particularly popular among startups due to their simplicity and flexibility.

        Venture Debt: This type of investment involves loans that are typically used by venture equity-backed companies to extend their runway and finance their operations without further diluting equity. Venture debt can be an attractive option for companies at various stages, providing them with the necessary capital to grow while potentially preserving shareholder value.

        Investment Sizes: WOWS Global facilitates investments starting at smaller sums like $10,000, extending to larger, more substantial amounts. This range allows businesses of different sizes and at different stages—from seed to growth—to find appropriate funding. The wide range of investment sizes also attracts a diverse group of investors, from individuals looking for smaller equity positions to institutional investors interested in larger stakes.

        By offering such a diverse array of investment types and sizes, WOWS Global ensures that businesses can access the capital they need in a form that best suits their current situation and future goals. This approach not only helps in fostering business growth but also in building robust, adaptable, and strategically financed companies.

      • What is the criteria to be listed for investments?

        To be listed for investments on WOWS, companies must pass a basic audit for profile accuracy and completeness, with endorsed profiles undergoing a more detailed vetting process. Criteria include business viability, market potential, team quality, and alignment with investor interest.

      • What kind of investor network does WOWS Global provide access to?

        WOWS Global provides your company with significant exposure within a robust network of venture capitalists, angel investors, family offices, financial institutions, and other investors. Through our platform, WOWS Deal Flow, we showcase your business to these potential investors. However, it's important to note that WOWS Global does not directly provide access to contact information or personal details of these investors.

        The exposure on WOWS Deal Flow is structured so that investors can proactively reach out to your company if they find your business aligns with their investment criteria. This setup maintains investor privacy and allows them to initiate contact, ensuring that connections are made based on genuine interest and potential for successful partnerships. This method provides a respectful and efficient way for your business to be discovered and engaged by relevant investors from our extensive network.

      Trusted by Leading Innovators and Top Investors Across Southeast Asia

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      Join the forefront of financial innovation. Connect with a global network of investors and founders who are shaping the future of industry and technology.

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