Founder Spotlight: Patrick Gunadi, Founder of Danamart

Founder Spotlight

Founder Spotlight: Patrick Gunadi, Founder of Danamart

In today's interview, we have the privilege of speaking with Patrick Gunadi, the visionary Founder of Danamart, a groundbreaking crowdfunding service platform in Indonesia. Danamart stands at the forefront of innovation by bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and investors, all while championing the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsibility. Through Danamart, investors not only have the opportunity to witness their investments grow but also to make a meaningful impact on society and the environment. We'll delve into Patrick's journey, the inception of Danamart, and how this platform is shaping the landscape of sustainable business models in Indonesia. Join us in exploring the fusion of financial success and positive societal change in this exciting conversation with Patrick Gunadi.

Q&A with Patrick Gunadi


WOWS Global: What inspired you to start your company and has that initial vision evolved over time?

Patrick Gunadi: I was inspired to create Danamart by the goal of democratizing wealth in Indonesia. Initially, the best services and financial products were only accessible to High Net Worth Individuals, leading to the cliché that "the rich get richer." I aimed to tackle this problem by harnessing technology to serve the broader population, especially those at the bottom of the pyramid.


WOWS Global: Explain what your company does so a 6-year-old would understand it.

Patrick Gunadi: Imagine you really want to have a lemonade stand in front of your house, but you don't have any lemons or a stand to start with. A securities crowdfunding platform is a place that can help you get the lemons and a stand you need to start your lemonade stand.

When your lemonade stand is running and start to sell lemonade and make money, you'll share some of that money with your friends who helped you out. So, it's like a team effort where everyone helps each other.


WOWS Global: Who is your favourite Entrepreneur and why do you find them inspiring?

Patrick Gunadi: My favourite entrepreneur is Richard Branson. He started his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age with a simple lemonade stand. Over time, he became a business magnate and built a global empire. He has ventures in various industries, including airlines, music, space travel, and telecommunications. What I find truly inspiring about him is his courage to taking on new challenges and his ability to innovate and see opportunity in different fields.


WOWS Global: When you are at your absolute bottom and are going through professional challenges, how do you lift yourself up?

Patrick Gunadi: I hit rock bottom during my entrepreneurial journey, and while the experience was far from pleasant, the outcome exceeded my expectations. Being in such a challenging situation forced me to transform myself into a better person. I began improving myself in various aspects, including my health and personal skills. The failure I experienced gave me a fresh start and the opportunity to learn and grow.


WOWS Global: Why do you believe you are personally best positioned to build your business?

Patrick Gunadi: I believe, I am in good positioned to build my SCF Platform because the securities crowdfunding industry is still in its early stages in Indonesia and South East Asia. There is tremendous potential for growth in this field, and my unique combination of 17 years  experience in banking and capital market  , and a strong passion makes me well-suited to lead and develop securities crowdfunding platform.


WOWS Global: Over the last 12 months, what is your most profound realization / insight regarding the startup ecosystem?

Patrick Gunadi: In the era of high interest rate, startups’ access to capital is limited. While fundraising quite challenging these days, I have realized that having a solid sales strategy has helped me navigate the business.

In the current era of high-interest rates, startups often face limitations in accessing capital. While fundraising has become quite challenging in recent times, my most profound realization lately has been the critical role of having a robust sales strategy in navigating the business landscape. Focusing on generating revenue through effective sales efforts has not only helped sustain our operations.


WOWS Global: What is your favorite sandwich?

Patrick Gunadi: Smoked salmon sandwich with rocket salad


WOWS Global: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs or those looking to start their own companies?

Patrick Gunadi: Running a business is challenging as problems can arise continuously. It's essential to recognize that expertise in one area of business is not sufficient. Entrepreneurs need to have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of business, including finance, marketing, operations, legal matters, strategy, innovation, and more. Therefore, continuous learning and staying aware of the external environment are crucial, as they can present both opportunities and threats.


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