How a Fractional CFO Can Help Your Startup Succeed

Fractional CFO

How a Fractional CFO Can Help Your Startup Succeed

So you've got a great startup idea, funding lined up, and a passionate team ready to build something amazing. Everything is going according to plan until you realize there's one crucial role you haven't filled yet—the CFO. As an entrepreneur focused on growth, managing finances and accounting is probably not your strong suit or how you want to spend your time. But without a strategic financial leader, your startup is vulnerable.

What Is a Fractional CFO?

A fractional CFO, or part-time CFO, is an experienced financial expert who works for your company on a contracted, part-time basis. Unlike a traditional full-time CFO, a fractional CFO typically splits their time between multiple companies, providing strategic financial guidance for a few days each week or month.

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Fractional CFO

A fractional CFO, or part-time CFO, can be a game changer for startups. Here are five of the biggest benefits of hiring one:

  • Cost Effective: Fractional CFOs charge a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. You only pay for the hours you need, so you can scale their services up or down as your business grows. This helps keep overhead low which is essential for startups.
  • Expertise: Experienced fractional CFOs have a wealth of knowledge in finance, accounting, and business management that startups can tap into. They can help set up key financial processes, advise on funding and investments, and guide strategic decisions.
  • Objectivity: As an outside resource, a fractional CFO provides an objective, impartial perspective. They are not influenced by internal politics or personal stakes in the company. This independent thinking can be invaluable for startups.
  • Flexibility: The part-time, on-demand nature of fractional CFOs provides flexibility. Their hours can fluctuate based on a startup's needs and priorities at any given time. As key milestones approach like funding rounds or financial reporting, their time can increase.
  • Continuity: Although fractional CFOs are part-time, they can provide continuity that full-time CFOs may lack. The CFO remains the same resource for the startup, building up valuable institutional knowledge over time that leads to better counsel and decision making. This continuity leads to greater efficiency and financial stability for startups.

In summary, fractional CFOs offer the best of both worlds for startups—expert financial guidance at a fraction of the cost.Their objectivity, flexibility, and continuity provide startups the financial leadership they need to succeed at an affordable price.

How to Find the Right Fractional CFO

A fractional CFO, or part-time chief financial officer, can be a valuable resource for startups. Finding the right one for your needs takes some diligence. Look for these key attributes:


Seek out a fractional CFO with experience helping companies similar to yours. If you're a tech startup, find someone with a background serving other tech startups. They'll understand your industry's financial complexities and growth stages.


The ideal candidate should be a certified public accountant (CPA) or have an MBA and extensive financial experience. They stay up-to-date with changes in accounting standards and tax laws.


Look for a fractional CFO available for ongoing part-time work, not just temporary assignments. You want someone who can provide consistent support and guidance as your company grows. Discuss how many hours a week they can commit to your startup.


Fractional CFOs charge by the hour. Rates will vary depending on the individual's experience and your location. Expect to pay between $200 to $500 per hour. Make sure any candidate you're interested in fits your budget before proceeding. If not, you may need to reevaluate your needs or look at less experienced candidates.

Shared Values

The fractional CFO you choose should share your startup's vision and values. During the interview process, assess if they exhibit qualities like passion, integrity, and a growth mindset. Your CFO will shape key financial strategies, so finding the right culture fit is important.

With the guidance of an experienced fractional CFO, your startup will gain financial expertise to help achieve success and scale. Taking time to find the ideal candidate with the right blend of skills and shared values is worth the investment.

What to Expect When Working With a Fractional CFO

Working with a fractional CFO allows you to leverage their expertise on a part-time basis, which is perfect for startups. Here are some of the key things you can expect from this arrangement:

Advice and Guidance

A fractional CFO can advise you on financial strategies and help evaluate new opportunities. They have a wealth of knowledge from working with other companies that they can apply to help guide your startup. Whether you need help developing a 3-year strategic plan or want input on a new product launch, a fractional CFO will provide valuable guidance.

Reporting and Metrics

With a fractional CFO, you'll get timely and accurate financial reporting to give you insight into your company's performance and key metrics. They can implement KPls and dashboards to monitor progress and quickly spot any issues. Regular reports on cash flow, P&L, balance sheets and key ratios will help you make data-driven decisions.

Process Improvements

An experienced fractional CFO can evaluate your current financial processes and systems and recommend improvements to optimize them. They may suggest automating certain tasks, upgrading software or reorganizing roles and responsibilities. Implementing their recommendations can save you time, reduce errors and allow for scalability.

Part-Time Commitment

The "fractional" nature of the role means a CFO will only dedicate part of their time to your company, often a few days per week. This allows you to afford the high-level expertise of a CFO without the full-time salary commitment. They can provide oversight and strategic input but day-to-day bookkeeping and tasks are still handled by your internal team.

Working with a fractional CFO provides startups with the financial leadership to help navigate growth and optimize financial performance. Leveraging their experience and advice on a part-time basis gives you affordable access to high-level strategic guidance.

FAQs: Getting the Most Out of an Fractional CFO

Many startup founders have questions about working with a Fractional CFO. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of this strategic partnership.

What exactly does a Fractional CFO do?

A Fractional CFO, also known as an outsourced CFO, acts as your company's financial leader for a few days each month. They oversee financial planning and analysis, accounting, tax, and reporting. The Fractional CFO's goal is to optimize your financial operations and support key business decisions.

How much does a Fractional CFO cost?

Fees for a Fractional CFO are typically lower than hiring a full-time CFO. Expect to pay between $3,000 to $10,000 per month for an experienced Fractional CFO, depending on the size and complexity of your business. The investment can be well worth the money, especially if they help you raise funds or save costs.

How do I find the right Fractional CFO for my startup?

Look for a Fractional CFO with experience helping similar startups in your industry and growth stage. Ask candidates about their relevant work experience, credentials, and expertise in fundraising, financial modeling, and strategic planning. Consider how well their personality and work style align with your company culture. Checking reviews and references from their other clients can also help determine if they're the right fit.

What questions should I ask a potential Fractional CFO?

Some good questions to ask Fractional CFO candidates include:

  • What's your experience helping companies similar to ours?
  • How would you approach our key financial challenges?
  • What financial metrics and KPls do you recommend we track?
  • How would you work with our leadership team and accounting staff?
  • What resources and value-add services do you provide your clients?
  • How do you stay up-to-date with compliance, technology, and best practices?
  • Can you share some examples of how you've helped your clients succeed?
  • What's your availability and how responsive can we expect you to be?
  • Do you have any potential conflicts of interest we should be aware of?
  • What's your pricing model and fee structure? Are there any additional charges?

Asking the right questions will help ensure you find a Fractional CFO who will make a real impact on driving your startup's financial growth and success.

The 4 best Fractional CFO Service Providers

When choosing a Fractional CFO, you want a provider with experience helping startups succeed. Here are four of the top fractional CFO services for startups:

WOWS Global

Partner with WOWS Global's team of experts for world-class bespoke fractional CFO services. WOWS assists companies to optimize strategy, navigate transactions, raise capital, overcome financial challenges and achieve long-term growth through a part-time, retainer, or project-based engagement. You can contact them at 


CFOshare offers fractional CFO and financial consulting services to help businesses with financial planning, analysis, and strategy. They operate in various regions in the United States.

Kruze Consulting

Kruze Consulting is a well-known financial consulting firm that specializes in providing CFO services, accounting, and tax support to startups and high-growth companies, particularly in the tech and SaaS industries. They are known for offering fractional CFO services to help early-stage and growing businesses with their financial needs. Kruze Consulting is based in the United States and serves clients nationwide.

Lucrum Consulting

Lucrum Consulting, Inc. is a financial consulting firm based in the United States that provides fractional CFO services, accounting, and financial advisory services to businesses. They assist small and mid-sized companies with financial management, strategic planning, and improving financial performance.


So there you have it, hiring a fractional CFO could be one of the smartest decisions you make as a startup founder. They have the experience and expertise to help guide your financial strategy and secure funding that will fuel your growth. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, their value extends far beyond the costs. They free up your time to focus on building the business, give you peace of mind your financial house is in order, and provide the insights and connections that could make or break your startup. If you want to set your business up for success and growth, bringing on a fractional CFO should be at the top of your to-do list. You'll thank yourself for it later.

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