Why Every Startup Needs an Investor Matching Platform

Investor Matching Platform

Why Every Startup Needs an Investor Matching Platform

Have you launched your startup and now need funding to scale? Finding investors is tough. You've pitched your idea to friends and family, maybe scored a small angel investment, but now you need serious capital to take your business to the next level. Venture capital could be the answer, if only you could get in front of the right investors.

You've heard the horror stories of endless rejection and dead ends. The good news is, today there are investor matching platforms that can connect you with interested investors. No more cold calls, spamming LinkedIn messages or awkwardly stalking VCs at networking events. These platforms have investors ready to invest in high-potential startups.

So how do you find these investor matchmaking platforms and which ones are legit? Here's what you need to know to find funding from investors actively looking for new opportunities. With the right matchmaking platform, you'll gain access to capital, make valuable connections, and find investors who believe in your vision. Isn't it time you took your startup to the next level? The investors are out there - you just have to know where to look.

What Exactly Is an Investor Matching Platform?

An investor matching platform is an online service that connects startup founders with potential investors. As a startup founder, it allows you to create a profile for your company and share details about your business plan, financial projections, and investment needs. Investors can then browse startups on the platform that match their interests and investment criteria.

How Do Investor Matching Platforms Work?

The basic process looks like this:

  1. Create a company profile. This includes details on your business, team, traction, and funding needs. The more information you provide, the better.
  2. Investors filter and search the platform. They can filter by industry, location, investment stage, and more to find startups that match their interests.
  3. Investors request more info and pitch meetings. If an investor finds your startup intriguing, they'll reach out to learn more and potentially schedule a pitch meeting.
  4. Secure funding from interested investors. With a successful pitch, you'll work with investors to determine deal terms and close financing.
  5. Continue updating your profile. Keep your company profile up-to-date so you can raise additional funding rounds in the future. New investors will want to see your progress and milestones achieved.

Using an investor matching platform provides exposure and access to investors that you may not otherwise connect with. Of course, competition is high, so make sure your startup stands out by clearly articulating your vision, mission, and key differentiators. With the right pitch, investor matching platforms can be an invaluable resource for any early-stage startup.

How Investor Matching Platforms Work to Connect Startups and Investors

Investor matching platforms are online services that connect startups looking for funding with investors interested in new opportunities. They make the fundraising process much more efficient. Here's how they work:

  • Startups create profiles highlighting their business plan, team, target market, and funding needs. They specify how much they're hoping to raise and the type of investor they're looking for.
  • Investors, like angels, VCs, and crowdfunding backers, create their own profiles indicating the kinds of companies, funding stages, and industries they want to invest in.
  • The platform uses algorithms and AI to analyze all the profiles and match startups with compatible investors. It then notifies both parties of the potential match.
  • If there's interest, the startup and investors can connect directly on the platform to discuss the opportunity further. They handle the due diligence and negotiate investment terms.
  • When there's agreement, legal documents are signed and the funding is transferred — all facilitated by the investor matching platform.

For startups, investor matching platforms take the guesswork out of finding financing and open doors to networks they wouldn't otherwise have access too. For investors, it provides a stream of vetted, targeted deal flow so they spend less time searching and more time investing in what really matters to them.

Using these platforms, both startups and investors have a much higher chance of finding the right match and achieving their goals. It's really a win-win for the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Every startup should leverage investor matching platforms to accelerate their fundraising and connect with interested backers. The efficiency and network effects are invaluable.

4 Reasons Why Every Startup Needs an Investor Matching Platform

An investor matching platform is a must-have for any startup looking to raise capital. Here are four reasons why:

Access to Investors

The biggest benefit of an investor matching platform is that it gives you direct access to accredited investors looking to invest in startups like yours. Rather than you having to network, cold call, and pitch investors one by one, the platform's algorithm matches you with investors whose interests and criteria align with your company. This allows you to pitch to pre-qualified, interested investors and focus your efforts on the highest potential matches.

Save Time

The amount of time required to raise capital can be staggering. By using an investor matching platform, you'll save hundreds of hours of work finding, pitching, and negotiating with investors. The platform handles the initial investor outreach and screening for you, so you can spend more time running your business.

Data-Driven Matches

Investor matching platforms leverage data and algorithms to analyze your company profile and match you with compatible investors. Things like location, industry, business model, funding needs, and investor preferences are all considered to provide the best potential matches. This data-driven matching results in a higher chance of interest and investment from recommended investors.


Participating in an investor matching platform also lends credibility to your startup. The fact that your company met the platform's criteria to be listed, and that investors are interested in learning more about your company, signals to others that your startup is investment-worthy and poised for success. This validation can help build momentum and encourage other investors to take an interest in your company.

In summary, investor matching platforms are hugely valuable for any early-stage startup. By giving you access to pre-qualified investors, saving you time, using data to make quality matches, and building credibility, investor matching platforms set you up for funding success. No startup should be without one.

FAQs: Getting the Most Out of an Investor Matching Platform

So you’ve decided to use an investor matching platform to raise capital for your startup. That’s a smart move—these platforms connect entrepreneurs with accredited investors looking for new opportunities. But to make the most of it, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Do your research

Not all platforms are created equal. Compare options by looking at factors like number of investors, investment sectors, fees, and success rates. Find one that specializes in your industry and startup stage. The more tailored, the better.

Build a compelling profile

Your profile is your first impression, so make it count. Share your startup’s vision, mission, and traction to date. Highlight your team’s experience and qualifications. Explain your competitive advantage and growth potential. The more investors know upfront, the more interested they’ll be.

Network and make connections

Don’t just create a profile and wait for investors to find you. Reach out and engage with investors that seem like a good match. Comment on their profiles, invite them to connect, and message those who express interest. Building relationships will increase your visibility and the likelihood of getting funded.

Be transparent

Answer any questions from investors openly and honestly. Share both the promising signs as well as the risks and challenges. Surprises down the road erode trust and hurt your credibility. Investors will appreciate your transparency—it shows you respect them as partners.

Using an investor matching platform is a proven way for startups to raise capital. But to make meaningful connections and gain funding, you have to take full advantage of all the platform offers. Do your homework, create an amazing profile, network actively, and communicate with integrity. Follow these tips and you’ll be pitching to investors in no time!

The 4 Best Investor Matching Platforms for Startups

The top four investor matching platforms for startups are WOWS Invest, AngelList, Gust, and Funder’s Club. These sites connect entrepreneurs with accredited investors looking to fund promising new companies.

WOWS Invest

WOWS Invest is Southeast Asia’s most active investor matching platform that connects startups and investors

Apply now to be listed on WOWS Invest as a raising startup. Gain free exposure to thousands of Angel, Family and Institutional investors across the globe actively investing in fast-growing Startups.

In 2022, WOWS Invest has successfully deployed USD $72M on behalf of our esteemed WOWS Investor Network (including the likes of Monk's Hill Ventures, Liquidity Mars Growth Capital, Plug And Play, Seedstars, and many others) through a combination of equity financing as well as venture debt.


AngelList is the world's largest startup community. Over 300,000 startups and investors connect on AngelList for fundraising, hiring, and learning. It's free to create a profile and start pitching to investors. AngelList has a wide range of angels, from hobbyist investors to venture capital firms. The platform sees over $2 billion in startup funding facilitated per year.


Gust is an online platform where startups and early-stage businesses connect with angel investors and venture capital firms. Over 200,000 startups and 50,000 investors use Gust to facilitate funding and investments. Gust is very transparent, providing details on the investment process, term sheets, and valuations to help level the playing field for new entrepreneurs. They also offer free educational resources to help startups build investor-ready plans and pitch decks.

Funder’s Club

Funder’s Club is an equity crowdfunding platform, allowing startups to raise up to $5 million from accredited and non-accredited investors. They have a community of over 20,000 investors providing funding for high-growth startups. Funder’s Club takes a data-driven approach, using machine learning to analyze startups and match them with interested investors. They offer streamlined legal processes to help startups complete funding rounds more quickly. Funder’s Club is best for startups with consumer products or tech that appeals to a wide range of investors.

Using these platforms, you'll gain access to a large pool of investors and have opportunities to pitch your business, answer questions, and build interest in your startup. Be sure to optimize your profiles, create investor decks, and network to make valuable connections that could lead to funding. With the right match, you'll secure an investment to help take your business to the next level.


Finding the right investors for your startup is critical to growth and success. An investor matching platform gives you access to hundreds of investors looking for exciting new companies to support. No longer will you waste time tracking down and pitching investors one by one, hoping to find a good match. These platforms do the work for you, matching you only with investors genuinely interested in your industry, business model, and funding needs. As an entrepreneur, your time is invaluable—spend it building your business, not chasing investors. An investor matching platform is a startup's secret weapon, opening you up to new funding opportunities and allowing you to focus on what really matters: making your vision a reality. Give your startup the best chance at success and sign up for an investor matching platform today. The future is yours for the taking!