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Reward Details

Up to S$750 of cash bonuses for WOWS Global portfolio companies

  • S$250 cash bonus after S$50,000 of cumulative FX transactions in first 90 days
  • S$500 cash bonus after S$50,000 of card spend in first 90 days
  • Over S$50,000 of member-only deals from valued partners

Additional Rewards: Access to over S$50,000 of rewards from valued partners

In addition to the $750 cash bonuses, clients who onboard with Aspire, will also be able enjoy the following:
  • Online sign up + Fast Business Account opening: 3-5 business days
  • Lower FX rates (3x cheaper than your traditional banks)
  • 1% cashback on digital SaaS and ad spends
  • Access to over $50,000 worth of benefits
  • A regular cadence of Networking events to facilitate the growth of the startup community



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