Navigating Fundraising in 2024: Key Insights from WOWS Global's Expert Panel

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Navigating Fundraising in 2024: Key Insights from WOWS Global's Expert Panel

A Gathering of Innovators and Investors 

Last month’s event, "Navigating Fundraising in 2024," co-hosted by WOWS GLOBAL and Xendit, turned XenSpace, Jakarta into a vibrant hub of ideas and insights. This congregation wasn’t just another event; it was a pivotal moment for thought leaders and entrepreneurs to exchange wisdom on the art of fundraising.

Insights from the Forefront of Fundraising

The event kicked off with a knowledge session led by Gagan Singh, providing a solid foundation for the evening’s discourse. This set the stage for a panel of veterans in the investment world who peeled back the layers of 'Startup & Fund of Fund Fundraising'. The insights shared were not just theories but distilled wisdom from the trenches of investment and entrepreneurship.

Wisdom from Seasoned Panelists

A heartfelt thank you to our distinguished panelists who elevated the event with their presence and expertise:

  • Nadine Kaunang - Vice President at Alpha JWC Ventures
  • Aditya Pendyala - Founding Partner at FEBE Ventures
  • Rama Mamuaya - Founding Partner at DS/X Ventures
  • Nathan Alexander - Head of Investments at Telkomsel Ventures
  • Tharin Sethi - Investor at WOWS GLOBAL | Managing Director at SethiG

Their discussions provided a compass for navigating the complexities of fundraising, emphasizing the value of mission-driven ventures and the need for strategic adaptability.

Key Investor Insights for the Future

Panelists dived into a wealth of topics, offering sage advice for founders:

  • "Transition from vanity metrics to value metrics: Profitability trumps growth numbers."
  • "Sector savvy: Know your playing field and the rules of engagement."
  • "Buzzwords begone: Authenticity shines brighter than jargon."
  • "Mission and method: Stay true to your cause, but flexible in your approach."

Bridging Connections on the Ground 

The presence of Gagan Singh and Tharin Sethi from WOWS GLOBAL’s senior team was more than ceremonial—they engaged directly with the startups and investors, underscoring our commitment to building a robust ecosystem in Indonesia.

Fostering the Ecosystem for Tomorrow 

As we concluded the event with a networking session rich in potential collaborations, it was evident that the true value of "Navigating Fundraising in 2024" lay in the partnerships it nurtured and the future endeavors it sparked. We at WOWS GLOBAL remain dedicated to enabling these connections and empowering the innovators who will lead the charge into a prosperous future.

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