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What We Do


Connect with the WOWS Investor Network and accelerate your funding journey with WOWS' fundraising services. 

Equity Management

Create your cap table, calculate dilution and issue employee stock options. Share growth and vesting through stakeholder dashboards.

Investment Readiness 

Be due diligence and investment ready, prepare your virtual data room and share your next funding round with the WOWS Investor Network.

Private Market Opportunities 

Exclusive and priority investment access in startups across all stages. Access standardized diligence material for faster decision making. 

Founder's Suite

  • Create your Cap Table in Minutes and Calculate Dilution
  • Issue Employee Options, Manage Vesting Schedules and Share Personalized Dashboards with your Stakeholders
  • Be Due Diligence Ready, Manage Virtual Deal Room and Publish your next funding round to the WOWS Investor Network 
  • Easy set up, Completely Free, No credit card required 


  • Francisco Rodriguez, Co-founder CarsmeUp

    F. Rodriguez, Co-founder

    "WOWS Global being beside us on the CarsmeUp journey was one of the best things that could happen to us. Not only did we successfully close deals with two investors, but we were also advised and consulted on what's best for our company, considering the long term. We look forward to working closely with WOWS Global as we grow and expand across the region."

  • Fon Pharida M, HR Manager at ADI Resourcing testimonial on WOWS ESOP

    Fon Pharida M, HR Manager
    ADI Resourcing

    "Being a leader in the recruitment industry, ADI Resourcing has always appreciated the value of ESOPs and has always wanted to implement it for our very own superstar team. WOWS Global made this a reality and without their support - we wouldn't have been able to put together an ESOP policy that serves the interest our company, its stakeholders and most importantly, our employees"

  • D. Henderson, CEO & Founder

    "The software solutions provided by WOWS have proven to be invaluable for our startup in the process of raising funds. More importantly, their advisory and investment teams have been instrumental in guiding us through the review of the term sheets and fundraising advice in general"

  • Amit Lal Singh
    Angel Investor

    "Taking into consideration the high risk startup investments have, I absolutely appreciate that WOWS does not have any fees ever for investors. More importantly, the quality of their deals are of the utmost standard and while it is not uncommon for me to pass on some investment opportunities - I still find each deal reviewed to be a key experience in making me a better investor."

  • Simon Carvi, CEO

    "From assisting us with identifying the right investors to initiating the introductions and later supporting us with negotiating the term sheet - WOWS Global played a pivotal role in supporting us to securing the funding we've received thus far this round. I'd certainly be keen to engage their services again for future fundraising efforts." 

  • Shannon Kalayanamitr, CEO, 5G Catalyst

    Shannon Kalayanamitr, CEO
    5G Catalyst

    "I engaged WOWS' services to get support with reviewing my company's financial modeling, valuation and cap table. The team provided exceptional insights and a measurable contribution to the quality of our. due diligence material. Great value add with key strategical input for even the savviest of founders!"

  • Harprem Doowa, CEO, Eazy Digital

    Harprem Doowa, CEO
    Eazy Digital

    "The WOWS Global team led by Gagan Singh were very professional and sincere. They made the entire term sheet negotiation process simple and founder friendly. I'd highly recommend their services to all founders and would certainly engage them again."

  • Daniel Nguyen, CFO, TotallyAwesome

    Daniel Nguyen, CFO

    "I adopted WOWS Global's equity management solutions to manage the stakeholders in our cap table as well as our ESOP. The solution is incredibly convenient to implement with an intuitive UI/UX and extensive functionalities. I can't imagine going back to using spreadsheets!".

  • Doug Gyani, CEO, Principia Consulting

    Doug Gyani, CEO
    Principia Consulting

    "WOWS leveraged their investor network to deliver the exact funding ask within an impressive 45 day timeline at very favorable terms. Even after their success fee, the cost of capital remains very competitive and I would highly recommend them to any company currently fundraising."

  • David Wong, Founder Deemples

    David Wong, Founder

    "WOWS Global was straightforward to work with. I submitted a request for investment with my pitch deck and all the required information. Within weeks, WOWS Global reached out to interested parties whom I connected with, and eventually got a term sheet from one of them in a couple of months. WOWS Global and their team were very helpful in terms of following up and making sure we put our best attributes forward for a successful potential transaction."

    Private Market

    • Priority Access To Exclusive Investment Opportunities
    • Detailed Financial Due Diligence
    • Insights On Latest Industry News & Trends
    • Curated deal flow based on Investor Preferences & Trends

    How It Works


    Get Organized

    Standardize your due diligence material through WOWS software solutions. Professionally present your company to investors and stay investment ready.


    Get Listed

    Apply to be listed on our private investor platform WOWS Invest. Get connected and pitch to the WOWS accredited investor network. 


    Get Invested

    Get funded by Angels, Family Offices, VC's or Private equity. Organize secondary deals or equity debt, our network caters to all funding rounds and sizes. 

    Talk To Industry
    And Leading

    • Fundraising assistance & investor matching
    • Cap Table & ESOP management services
    • Valuation services including 409A evaluation
    • Business plan & financial modeling
    • Term sheet review and negotiations

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What products and services does the WOWS platform provide?
      WOWS Global is a digital investment bank that assists startups in their primary placements, secondary transactions and alternative financing from Pre Seed to Pre-IPO. In 2022 we raised USD 72 million for the startups we represent.
      Our products and services are designed for both Startups and Investors and are as follows:
      1. WOWS Invest: WOWS flagship marketplace curated to cater to vetted and accredited private and institutional investors to source the best active tech investment opportunities. Investors can apply for access here and Startups can apply to be listed by completing this application.
      2. WOWS Equity Management: Powerful Cap Table and ESOP Management tools designed for startups to optimize investor relationships and manage stakeholders.
      3. WOWS Deal Room: A secure data room for Startups to store confidential due diligence material and create unique custom BI dashboards to highlight key metrics showcasing their business to prospective Investors in real time.
      4. WOWS Advisory: WOWS Global offers bespoke Advisory Services to Startups of all stages.
    • What kinds of financing options are available for startups?
      WOWS Global specializes in the following types of financing:
      1. Equity Financing
      2. Venture Debt
      3. Term Loan
      4. Invoice Factoring
      5. Secondary Transactions
      6. Bridge Financing
    • What is the WOWS fee structure?
      For Investors:
      There are no applicable charges nor fees for Investors accessing the WOWS Invest platform and investing in the Startups listed in our network.
      For Startups:
      There are no applicable up-front or recurring periodic charges for WOWS Invest listings. WOWS Global charges Startups a standard 3% success fee for all capital raised through WOWS.
      For WOWS Cap Table and WOWS ESOP including Shareholder:
      Access Dashboards - Startups receive free access for up to 10 users.
      There is a USD$5 applicable charge per active user thereafter.
      WOWS Virtual Data room is chargeable at USD120 per month.
      For WOWS Advisory services - Pricing begins at USD1,500 and is customized based on the bespoke scope of work.
    • What is the criteria to be listed for investments?
      WOWS Global invites all startups ranging from Pre-Seed to Series D to apply to be listed on WOWS Invest for both primary or secondary placement opportunities.
      WOWS Global utilizes a holistic approach assessing Startups prior to approving their listing to ensure only the most suitable Startups are presented to the WOWS Investor Network. This criteria includes the
      following factors:
      1. Industry
      2. Founders Background
      3. Revenue Model
      4. Current Traction
      5. Past Growth
      6. Competitor Landscape
      7. Past Fundraising Activity
    • Can you elaborate on the fundraising process?
      WOWS Global connects Startups and Investors in our network and assists with the deal flow by ensuring momentum and optimizing communicating between both parties. Startups remain in full control of the pitch and represent their company through the due diligence process with WOWS providing expert feedback. The WOWS Advisory team is also available to offer additional assistance as required.
    • What is WOWS Advisory?
      WOWS Global offers bespoke Advisory Services to Startups of all stages. From data room creation and management services to valuations and complex financial modelling as well as ESOP implementation and term sheet negotiations - our in-house experts ensure startups are fundraising ready.
      We seek to optimize the fundraising process for startups and we are committed to ensuring the startups we work with are best positioned for capital raise. Interested Startups can learn more about WOWS Advisory by accessing this Page or contacting our Advisory Team.
    • Who is in your investor network?
      Our Investor network consists of Venture Capital firms, Private Equity firms, Family Offices and Accredited Angel Investors across the globe.
    • What is the criteria to be listed as an investor?
      Investor access to WOWS Invest is exclusively available to registered institutional Investors including Venture Capital and Private Equity firms as well as Accredited Private Investors including High Net Worth Angels and Family Offices globally.
      Exceptions can be made for Angels with an active investment track record. Please apply for access by completing this form.
    • Is there a minimum investment ticket size?
      All investments through WOWS Global require a minimum ticket size of USD 25,000.
    • Do you provide valuation services?
      WOWS Global provides valuation services through our in-house resources as well as our accredited partners. Contact the team at for more information.

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