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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is WOWS Deal Flow?

    WOWS Deal Flow is the investor section of the WOWS ecosystem, where investors can browse detailed profiles of companies seeking capital.

  • What is WOWS Global?

    WOWS Global is an investment ecosystem designed to connect a diverse range of companies, including startups and SMEs, with potential investors to facilitate capital raises. The platform offers various tiers of profile listings, each tailored to meet different needs and stages of company development. With services like the 'Get Funded' and 'Get Connected' plans, WOWS Global provides tools and resources that help companies enhance their appeal to investors and navigate the complexities of the investment process. This includes features like WOWS-endorsed profiles on My Deal Flow, dedicated investment managers, and comprehensive support for preparing investor meetings and negotiating term sheets. The platform ensures that investors have access to a curated pool of companies without any associated fees, streamlining the investment process and supporting dynamic growth within the business ecosystem.

  • How can I become an investor with WOWS Global?

    To become an investor with WOWS Global, the process is straightforward. Simply register as an investor on the WOWS platform. Once you submit your registration, the approval process typically takes up to 48 hours. After approval, you'll gain access to a range of investment opportunities, where you can connect with companies seeking capital. This system allows you to explore various potential investments efficiently and effectively.

    If you are already registered with WOWS Global, you can easily update your investor status. Just log in to your existing account and update your profile to reflect your investor details. After updating, your profile will undergo a review process for approval, which typically takes up to 48 hours. Once approved, you will gain access to various investment opportunities and can connect with companies seeking capital. This streamlined approach ensures that you can quickly begin exploring potential investments.

  • What type of companies does WOWS Global work with?

    WOWS Global supports a diverse range of prvate companies across all industries. The platform is designed to cater to startups and SMEs, and facilitates funding from seed rounds through to pre-IPO. This inclusive approach ensures that a wide variety of businesses, across varied industries, regardless of their development stage, can find opportunities and support for growth and expansion through WOWS Global.

  • What types of investment opportunities can I expect on WOWS?

    WOWS Global offers several types of investment opportunities to cater to the diverse needs of investors and companies. These include primary and secondary equity raises, where primary equity involves direct investment into companies for equity shares, and secondary equity involves buying shares from existing shareholders or investors. The platform also facilitates venture debt, which provides debt financing to venture-backed companies without the need for immediate equity dilution. Additionally, WOWS offers Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) notes, which are instruments that convert into equity at a future financing round. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) deals are also supported, enabling companies to pursue strategic growth opportunities through acquisitions or mergers.

  • Are there any fees associated with becoming an investor?

    No, there are no fees associated with becoming an investor on WOWS Global. The platform allows investors to register and gain access to investment opportunities without any cost. This enables investors to explore and engage with a wide range of companies seeking capital, facilitating connections and investments seamlessly and efficiently.

  • What is the minimum investment amount?

    The minimum investment amount on WOWS Global is $10,000 USD. This threshold ensures that investors can participate in a range of opportunities, making it accessible for those looking to make smaller investments while also accommodating larger, more substantial contributions.

  • Can I invest internationally?

    Yes, you can invest internationally with WOWS Global. The platform does not exclude any countries in its investor approval rules, allowing investors from anywhere in the world to join. However, while the initial connection and exploration of investment opportunities occur on the WOWS Global platform, the actual investment transactions take place offline and are subject to the compliance and regulations of the respective local jurisdictions. This ensures that all investments are conducted in accordance with relevant legal and regulatory frameworks.

  • How does WOWS Global evaluate potential investments?

    WOWS Global employs a differentiated approach in evaluating potential investments based on the type of profile a company holds on the platform:

    WOWS Endorsed Profiles: These profiles undergo a thorough vetting process by WOWS Global. This comprehensive evaluation includes a detailed review of the company’s business model, financial health, market potential, leadership team, and overall investment appeal. The vetting process ensures that these companies meet high standards and are well-prepared to attract and secure funding. The endorsement by WOWS signifies a higher level of credibility and investment readiness, making these companies typically more appealing to serious investors.

    Other Profiles: For companies with other profiles, WOWS Global conducts a basic audit, often referred to as a "sanity check," to ensure that the information provided meets basic standards of accuracy and completeness. However, the responsibility for listing accurate and detailed data primarily lies with the companies themselves. These profiles are not subjected to the extensive vetting process that WOWS Endorsed profiles undergo, and as such, investors are encouraged to perform their own due diligence when considering these opportunities.

  • Do I have a dedicated investment manager?

    In the WOWS Global ecosystem, dedicated investment managers are primarily assigned to companies rather than individual investors. These managers ensure that each WOWS Endorsed company is optimally positioned for success, providing tailored support that includes refining investment pitches, preparing for investor meetings, and navigating term sheet negotiations.

    For investors, the onboarding process is facilitated by a member of the investment team who may also serve as a dedicated point of contact (POC). While investors do not have individual investment managers in the same way that companies do, they are encouraged to actively engage with their POC at WOWS Global. By informing the team of their investment mandates and preferences, investors can ensure that they are matched with the most suitable investment opportunities. This proactive communication helps WOWS Global tailor the investment matching process to align with specific investor goals and preferences, enhancing the overall investment experience.

  • How often will I receive updates on my investments?

    Updates on investments are done by the company admin through the equity tools. I.e. a company admin would add the investor and their equity on WOWS for it to be reflected on the investors account. In the same way, an investor can create their own holdings and manage it that way. WOWS Does not at this time update the holdings themselves, the responsibility for this lays with the issuers or holders.

  • How can I track the performance of my investments?

    To effectively track the performance of your investments on WOWS Global, it is advisable for the company you've invested in to actively manage and update their company profile and funding history on the platform. This ensures that all pertinent information about the company's progress and financial status is readily available. Alternatively, as an investor, you have the option to manually create your own holdings by adding a company and registering yourself as an investor within that company’s profile on WOWS Global. This self-managed approach allows you to maintain and monitor your investment data directly.

  • What tax implications should I be aware of?

    Investors are responsible for understanding and complying with their local tax obligations related to their investments. It is important to note that WOWS Global does not provide tax advice or support regarding tax implications. Investors are encouraged to consult with tax professionals to ensure compliance with relevant tax laws and regulations.

  • Can I co-invest with other investors?

    Yes, WOWS Global facilitates opportunities for syndicate investments, allowing investors to pool resources with others. Currently, these co-investment arrangements are organized offline. However, developing online features to support syndicate investing directly through the WOWS Global platform is under consideration for future implementation.

  • How are investments handled on WOWS Global?

    Investments through WOWS Global are not conducted on the platform itself. Instead, WOWS Global serves as a facilitative medium that connects investors with companies. All financial transactions, including the actual investments, take place offline once connections are made on the platform. WOWS Global does not handle investment funds nor invest directly; the platform's revenue comes from monthly subscription fees paid by some companies and success fees collected only from endorsed companies when they secure investment.

  • Does WOWS Global manage investment funds or collect investment money?

    No, WOWS Global does not manage or collect any investment funds. The platform operates on a subscription-based and success fee model. Subscription fees are charged to some companies for using the platform's services, and success fees are earned from endorsed companies only upon the successful procurement of investments. All investment transactions occur outside the platform, directly between investors and companies.

  • What is WOWS Global's role in the return on investment (ROI) and tax implications of investments?

    WOWS Global does not play any role in managing or advising on the return on investment (ROI) or tax implications related to investments made through connections established on the platform. As the investment transactions are conducted offline, directly between investors and companies, any financial outcomes, including ROI and tax matters, are handled by the respective parties involved according to local regulations and laws. Investors and companies are advised to consult with financial, tax, and legal professionals to manage these aspects appropriately.

  • What kind of support can I expect from WOWS Global for investment decisions?

    WOWS Global provides a platform for connecting investors with companies seeking capital but does not actively advise or recommend specific investments. As clarified in our disclaimer, WOWS Global Private Limited is not an investment adviser, financial adviser, or securities broker. We do not offer investment advice, nor do we facilitate secondary market trading of securities. Any data and information provided on the platform are not intended to constitute investment advice or a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any security or financial product.

    Investors are responsible for conducting their own due diligence and making independent investment decisions. It is crucial for investors to consider their investment profile, objectives, horizon, and risk appetite when evaluating potential investments. WOWS strongly recommends that investors use the information provided on the platform as one of several sources in making investment decisions and consider consulting with professional advisers. WOWS shall not be liable for any damages arising from operations or investments in financial products based on the data provided on the platform.

    Additionally, for WOWS-Endorsed profiles, WOWS Global ensures that the data room is kept up to date. This helps expedite the investment decision process for investors by providing them with the most current and relevant information.

  • How does WOWS Global ensure ethical investment practices?

    WOWS Global is committed to ethical investment practices and upholds stringent ethical guidelines when endorsing and auditing companies. Ultimately, the responsibility for the accuracy of the data submitted lies with the companies themselves. Investors must conduct their own due diligence to ensure that each investment opportunity meets their standards for social responsibility, sustainability, and investment potential.

  • Can I specify my investment preferences, such as sectors or regions?

    Yes, investors can set their preferences using filters on the platform, which are saved and loaded by default on subsequent visits. We also encourage ongoing dialogue with WOWS to ensure your investment mandates are fully understood and met.

  • How does WOWS Global handle investor confidentiality and data protection?

    We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and data protection, utilizing state-of-the-art encryption and security practices to protect investor data.

  • What networking opportunities does WOWS Global offer?

    WOWS Global provides investors access to exclusive events and networking opportunities, allowing them to connect with fellow investors and entrepreneurs. Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you don't miss out.

  • How long does the approval process take for new investors?

    The approval process for new investors typically completes within 48 hours, often occurring immediately.

  • Can I invest more than the initial commitment?

    It's common for discussions to evolve and lead to increased investment commitments. We advise founders to update their funding goals online to maintain accurate data for stakeholder updates.

  • Who can I contact for more information or if I have any issues?

    Investors can contact WOWS Global's dedicated support team at support@wowsglobal.com. Additional contact details, including phone support, are available on our website.

  • How does WOWS Global handle conflict of interest?

    WOWS Global does not directly manage conflicts of interest as investment transactions occur offline between investors and companies. Our platform serves as a facilitative medium for these connections, and therefore, we do not intervene in the private dealings or investment decisions made outside of our platform. Investors and companies are encouraged to independently manage and disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may arise during their interactions and transactions.

  • How is investor privacy protected?

    At WOWS Global, we prioritize the privacy of our investors. We do not disclose investor contact information to startups; instead, we enable investors to initiate contact with companies and their founders as they see fit. To safeguard investor privacy, we employ robust data protection measures, including encryption, and adhere strictly to international privacy laws. Investor information is never shared without explicit consent, ensuring confidentiality and security in all interactions on our platform.

  • Can investors suggest startups for WOWS Global to evaluate?

    Yes, investors are welcome and encouraged to suggest startups for consideration. Our investment team will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine fit and potential.

  • Does WOWS Global offer resources or training for new investors?

    We offer a variety of resources, including educational blogs, events, and guides on investing, to support investors of all experience levels. We encourage subscribing to our newsletter or reaching out directly with any queries.

  • How does WOWS Global adapt to changing market trends?

    Our investment team continuously monitors market trends and adjusts our endorsement strategies to highlight the most promising companies, ensuring our investors have visibility into compelling investment opportunities.

  • What is the "Endorsed" plan?

    The "Endorsed" plan is a comprehensive package designed for startups and entrepreneurs looking to secure funding. For $999 per month, and with a minimum commitment of three months, this plan includes a WOWS-endorsed profile on WOWS Deal Flow, a dedicated investment manager, personalized investor outreach, investor meeting preparations, and term sheet negotiation. It's aimed at streamlining the investment process and enhancing a startup's appeal to potential investors.

  • What is the "Endorsed" plan, and how is it different from "Pitch Ready"?

    The "Endorsed" plan is a premium service offered by WOWS Global tailored to help companies secure funding more effectively. This plan goes beyond the "Pitch Ready" tier by providing comprehensive support from the WOWS investment team. It includes features like a WOWS-endorsed profile on WOWS Deal Flow, a dedicated investment manager, personalized investor outreach, preparation for investor meetings, and assistance with term sheet negotiations.

    In contrast, the "Pitch Ready" plan is more self-service oriented, offering basic tools and opportunities for companies to independently explore potential investor connections. It provides access to a platform where companies can present themselves to investors but lacks the hands-on support and personalized services included in the "Endorsed" plan. This makes "Endorsed" particularly valuable for those seeking a more guided approach to securing investment.

  • What is the cost of the "Endorsed" plan?

    The plan costs $999 per month with a minimum commitment of three months.

  • Is there an approval process for the "Endorsed" plan?

    Yes, companies must be approved by the WOWS Global investment team to qualify for this plan.

  • What is required for approval by the WOWS Global investment team?

    To gain approval from the WOWS Global investment team for the "Endorsed" plan, companies must meet several criteria, reflecting both their readiness for investment and the alignment with investor interests. Here are key aspects of the approval process:

    Investor Appetite: The primary factor is the current demand from investors. WOWS Global evaluates whether there is a match between investor interests and the company's offerings, ensuring a higher likelihood of successful funding.

    Company Readiness: Companies should be well-prepared with up-to-date and comprehensive documentation. This includes a polished pitch deck, a detailed business plan, and recent financial statements that collectively present a compelling case to potential investors.

    Vetting Process: As part of the approval, WOWS Global conducts a thorough vetting process. Companies are expected to have all necessary documentation ready for review. This process not only assesses the company's current status but also ensures that they are primed to enter the investment stage confidently.

    Profile Completion and Due Diligence Readiness: During the approval process, WOWS Global assists companies in completing their profiles on the WOWS platform and prepares them for due diligence. This includes setting up in the WOWS Virtual Deal Room, where all relevant documents and data are organized and made accessible to prospective investors.

    Overall, the approval process by the WOWS Global investment team is not just about evaluating potential but also about preparing companies for successful capital raising. By ensuring that companies are due diligence-ready, WOWS Global maximizes the chances of securing investment.

  • Can we cancel the "Endorsed" plan before the three-month period?

    The "Endorsed" plan offered by WOWS Global requires a three-month commitment upfront, which reflects the level of investment and resources WOWS commits to each company under this plan. This commitment is designed to provide ample time and support to effectively connect companies with strategic investors and maximize their chances of a successful capital raise.

    While the plan cannot be canceled before the end of the three-month period, WOWS Global prioritizes client satisfaction and ensures that all approved "Endorsed" companies gain significant visibility and are connected with relevant investors. It's important to note that while WOWS Global cannot guarantee a successful capital raise, the team is dedicated to actively supporting and promoting each company throughout the investment process. This structured approach ensures that companies are well-prepared and positioned to attract investment.

  • What is a WOWS endorsed profile on My Deal Flow?

    A WOWS endorsed profile on WOWS Deal Flow is a premium feature available exclusively to companies enrolled in the "Endorsed" plan offered by WOWS Global. This profile is specially marked as "Endorsed by WOWS," signaling a stamp of approval and credibility from WOWS Global. Here are the key benefits of a WOWS endorsed profile:

    Enhanced Visibility: These profiles are prominently displayed at the top of search results within the WOWS Deal Flow platform, organized in order of listing. This positioning ensures maximum visibility among potential investors browsing the platform.

    Direct Outreach: Endorsed profiles are not only more visible on the platform but are also proactively sent to the inboxes of investors whose investment criteria match the company’s profile. This direct approach facilitates immediate awareness and engagement from relevant investors.

    Featured Opportunities: With the company's prior approval, WOWS endorsed profiles may also be featured in WOWS Global newsletters or at events. This additional exposure further amplifies reach and networking possibilities, connecting companies with a wider pool of potential investors and industry contacts.

    Overall, having a WOWS endorsed profile on WOWS Deal Flow significantly enhances a company's ability to attract attention and investment from serious and matched investors, leveraging both the credibility of WOWS Global’s endorsement and the strategic marketing efforts facilitated through the platform.

  • Who will be my dedicated investment manager?

    When you join the "Endorsed" plan at WOWS Global, a dedicated investment manager is strategically assigned to your company. This selection is carefully made by the WOWS approval committee during the vetting process. The assignment of your investment manager is based on several key factors:

    Expertise Match: The investment manager chosen for your company will have expertise that aligns closely with your industry, business model, and specific needs. This ensures that you receive knowledgeable and relevant guidance.

    Investor Demand Compatibility: Your investment manager will also be selected based on their understanding of and connections with current investor demand. This alignment is crucial to effectively match your company with the right investors.
    Strategic Onboarding: The assignment process is designed to ensure that when your company is onboarded, there are target investors ready and interested. This proactive approach helps in facilitating quicker and more effective connections between your company and potential investors.

    Overall, your dedicated investment manager at WOWS Global acts as a crucial link between your company and the investor community, equipped with the right tools and connections to support your capital raising efforts.

  • What criteria does WOWS Global use to select companies for the "Endorsed" plan?

    WOWS Global employs a thorough selection process to determine which companies are eligible for the "Endorsed" plan. This selection is based on multiple criteria designed to assess the potential success and suitability of companies for receiving investment through WOWS's network. Here are the key criteria used:

    Business Model Viability: The company’s business model must demonstrate clear viability and the potential for scalability. WOWS Global looks for models that show promise in generating revenue and achieving sustainable growth in their respective markets.

    Market Potential: Companies need to operate within a market that has growth potential and a sizeable opportunity for expansion. Preference is often given to businesses addressing large or rapidly growing markets with a clear demand for their products or services. 

    Team Quality: The experience, skill set, and dedication of the company's management team are critically evaluated. A strong leadership team with a proven track record in relevant industries or ventures significantly enhances a company's likelihood of being selected. 

    Innovative Edge: Companies that offer innovative solutions or possess unique competitive advantages are more likely to be selected. Innovation can be in the form of technology, business processes, or simply a new approach to a common market challenge. 

    Financial Health: Financial stability and sound management of current resources are crucial. WOWS examines past financial performance and future projections to ensure that companies have a realistic grasp on their financial situation and growth strategy. 

    Investor Alignment: The company's goals and needs must align with the interests and investment thesis of the potential investors in WOWS’s network. This alignment is essential for fostering productive and mutually beneficial relationships between startups and investors. 

    Preparedness for Investment: Companies must be prepared for the investment process, which includes having all necessary documentation ready, such as up-to-date pitch decks, business plans, and financial statements. This readiness also involves being open to mentoring and advice on improving various aspects of the business. 

    Regulatory and Legal Compliance: Ensuring that the company complies with relevant laws and regulations is also a crucial factor. This compliance minimizes risks associated with legal or regulatory issues post-investment. 

    These criteria are designed to ensure that companies selected for the "Endorsed" plan are not only prepared to take on investment but also have a high potential for success, thereby aligning with WOWS Global’s mission to support impactful and sustainable business growth.

  • Is there a specific sector or industry WOWS Global focuses on?

    WOWS Global does not restrict its focus to specific sectors or industries. Instead, the organization is open to a wide range of companies across various fields. This inclusive approach allows WOWS Global to remain flexible and responsive to changing investment trends and investor interests.

  • How long after applying will we know if we’re approved for the "Endorsed" plan?

    Once you apply for the "Endorsed" plan at WOWS Global, the approval process typically takes between 2 to 5 days. The duration largely depends on how complete and accurate your application and profile are at the time of submission.

  • What happens if we’re not approved for the "Endorsed" plan?

    If your application for the "Endorsed" plan is not approved by WOWS Global, there are still valuable pathways and support options available to you:

    Feedback and Recommendations: WOWS Global typically provides constructive feedback on why the application was not approved. This feedback can be instrumental in understanding specific areas that need improvement, such as aspects of your business plan, financial projections, or pitch materials.

    Alternative Options: Depending on your company's current stage and needs, WOWS Global may recommend enrolling in the "Pitch Ready" tier. This plan is more self-service but still offers valuable opportunities to connect with investors and access resources that can help further develop your company.

    Further Development: The feedback and the alternative options provided are aimed at helping your company develop to a point where it may either reapply for the "Endorsed" plan successfully in the future or achieve its goals through other means provided by WOWS Global.

    Reimbursement of Payments: If any payments were made as part of the application process for the "Endorsed" plan, these would be fully reimbursed if the application is not approved. This ensures that companies are not financially disadvantaged if they do not meet the criteria for this specific tier at the time of application.

    This approach ensures that even if not initially approved, companies still receive support and guidance from WOWS Global, maintaining a path towards growth and potential future investment opportunities.

  • Can ASEAN based companies apply for the "Endorsed" plan?

    Yes, international companies can apply for the "Endorsed" plan with WOWS Global. While WOWS operates globally, there is a particular focus on ASEAN countries. This means that companies from around the world are welcome to apply, but there may be additional expertise and resources available specifically for companies operating in or targeting the ASEAN region.

    This global approach allows WOWS Global to support a diverse range of businesses and entrepreneurs, providing them with access to investment opportunities and strategic guidance irrespective of their geographic location.

  • What kind of investments can we expect through WOWS Global ?

    Through WOWS Global, companies can expect a versatile range of investment types and sizes to accommodate various stages and needs of their business growth. This flexibility ensures that businesses across different sectors can find suitable funding options tailored to their specific requirements. Here’s a more detailed look at the kinds of investments available:

    Primary Equity Raises: These are direct investments into the company for equity shares. Primary equity raises are fundamental for early-stage companies looking to build capital for expansion, product development, or market entry. This type of investment is typically utilized by startups and growth-stage companies aiming to scale their operations.

    Secondary Equity Raises: Unlike primary equity raises that fund company operations directly, secondary transactions involve the purchase of existing shares from other shareholders or founders. This can be beneficial for allowing early investors or founders to realize some gains from their investment or equity stakes without the company having to raise new capital.

    SAFE Notes (Simple Agreement for Future Equity): SAFE notes are instruments that convert into equity at a later date, typically at the time of the next funding round. They are designed to simplify the early-stage investment process, providing startups with quick access to capital without immediately diluting ownership. SAFE notes are particularly popular among startups due to their simplicity and flexibility.

    Venture Debt: This type of investment involves loans that are typically used by venture equity-backed companies to extend their runway and finance their operations without further diluting equity. Venture debt can be an attractive option for companies at various stages, providing them with the necessary capital to grow while potentially preserving shareholder value.

    Investment Sizes: WOWS Global facilitates investments starting at smaller sums like $10,000, extending to larger, more substantial amounts. This range allows businesses of different sizes and at different stages—from seed to growth—to find appropriate funding. The wide range of investment sizes also attracts a diverse group of investors, from individuals looking for smaller equity positions to institutional investors interested in larger stakes.

    By offering such a diverse array of investment types and sizes, WOWS Global ensures that businesses can access the capital they need in a form that best suits their current situation and future goals. This approach not only helps in fostering business growth but also in building robust, adaptable, and strategically financed companies.

  • How does WOWS Global match companies with potential investors?

    WOWS Global employs a comprehensive strategy to match companies with potential investors, utilizing a combination of technology and personalized service to ensure that both parties have the best chance at a successful partnership. Here’s a detailed look at how this process works:

    WOWS Deal Flow Platform: This is an advanced online platform where companies can create detailed profiles that showcase their business model, market potential, and funding needs. The platform uses algorithmic matching to connect companies with investors based on specified criteria such as industry focus, investment size, and geographic preference. This technology-driven approach helps in quickly identifying potential matches that meet the specific criteria of both investors and companies.

    Dedicated Investment Manager: Each company under the "Endorsed" plan is assigned a dedicated investment manager. This manager brings their personal network and industry insights to bear, further enhancing the matching process. They have a deep understanding of both the investment landscape and the specific needs of the companies they support.

    Investor Interest Alignment: The investment manager plays a crucial role in actively seeking out investors whose interests align with the company's business and growth goals. This involves analyzing investor portfolios to identify those with a history of investing in similar sectors or business models, and those who are actively looking for new investment opportunities.

    Industry and Market Specifics: Matching also considers the specific industries and markets the company operates in. WOWS Global leverages its insights and network to find investors who are not only interested in the sector but who also have a proven track record of helping companies grow in these areas.

    Investment Size and Stage: The matching process is tailored to fit the investment size and stage of the company. Whether it’s seed funding, series rounds, or larger scale funding needs, WOWS Global ensures that investors matching these criteria are targeted, which increases the likelihood of funding success.

    Strategic Engagement Activities: WOWS Global also facilitates various networking events, pitch sessions, and introductions that provide companies with the opportunity to meet and engage with potential investors directly. This can include one-on-one meetings, industry conferences, and specialized investor roundtables.

    Through this multi-faceted approach, combining sophisticated technology with personalized expert service, WOWS Global effectively matches companies with the most suitable investors, maximizing their chances of securing the necessary capital for growth.

  • Are there any equity requirements or fees besides the monthly plan cost?

    The "Endorsed" plan by WOWS Global, priced at $999 per month with a minimum commitment of three months, primarily includes the costs associated with accessing the services outlined in the plan, such as the dedicated investment manager, preparation for investor meetings, and profile endorsements on WOWS Deal Flow. However, it's important to clarify a few additional financial considerations regarding equity requirements and other potential fees:

    Equity Requirements: WOWS Global itself does not take equity.
    Success Fees are only applied to "Endorsed" profiles: At WOWS Global, our success fee structure is designed to align with your funding achievements. For equity raises, we charge a success fee of 3% of the amount raised through our network, which reflects our commitment to securing the best possible equity partners for your venture. For venture debt arrangements, the success fee is set at 1.5%, of the amount raised through our network, recognizing the different nature and requirements of debt financing. These fees are only applicable upon the successful closure of funding, ensuring that our interests are perfectly aligned with your success.

    Other Potential Costs: While the basic services are covered by the monthly fee, there could be additional costs related to specific services or resources outside the standard package. These are always subject to pre-approval and might include specialized financial analysis or legal consultations regarding financial materials preparation.

  • Can we switch from the "Pitch Ready" to the "Endorsed" plan?

    Yes, companies can upgrade their plan, subject to approval by the WOWS Global investment team.

  • What is the duration of the "Endorsed" plan?

    The "Endorsed" plan by WOWS Global requires a minimum commitment of three months. This duration is designed to provide sufficient time for the company to effectively utilize the comprehensive support offered by WOWS, including enhancements to the company’s profile on WOWS Deal Flow, dedicated support from an investment manager, and detailed preparations for investor meetings and term sheet negotiations.

    After the initial three-month period, the plan can be extended on a quarterly basis. Extending the plan allows companies to continue receiving ongoing support and maintain the momentum gained. This includes continued guidance from their dedicated investment manager, ongoing investor matchmaking, and sustained support in follow-up negotiations and meetings. Additionally, companies can keep their WOWS-endorsed profile active on WOWS Deal Flow, ensuring sustained visibility and the opportunity to update their profile as their business evolves.

    This flexibility not only helps companies adapt their strategies based on market feedback and evolving investor interests but also allows them to build and maintain long-term relationships with a broader network of investors, crucial for future funding rounds or strategic partnerships. The quarterly extension option ensures that businesses are supported throughout their growth journey, aligning with their long-term strategies and investment needs.

  • Do we need to have a certain amount of revenue or funding already to qualify?

    For the "Endorsed" plan by WOWS Global, companies are subject to an approval process by the investment team. This process evaluates various aspects of the business, including its potential for growth, business model viability, and market opportunity. However, there is no specific requirement for a company to have a certain amount of revenue or prior funding to qualify for this plan. The key criteria are more focused on the company’s potential and strategic fit with investor interests within the WOWS network.

    In contrast, companies that choose other plans offered by WOWS Global, which are more self-managed, are not subject to this rigorous approval process by the investment team. However, all company profiles, regardless of the plan, do undergo auditing to ensure quality and overall compliance. This auditing process is important to maintain the integrity and standard of the platform, ensuring that all participating companies meet certain quality criteria and adhere to platform guidelines.

    Thus, while revenue and prior funding are not explicit prerequisites for the "Endorsed" plan, the overall strength and readiness of the business to attract investment are critical factors during the evaluation.

  • What kind of reporting or updates will we need to provide to WOWS Global?

    Companies under the "Endorsed" plan should be prepared to offer regular updates on their financial health, progress towards milestones, and any changes in their business model.

  • How are investor meetings arranged?

    For companies enrolled in WOWS Global's "Endorsed" plan, arranging investor meetings is a streamlined process managed by your dedicated investment manager. Here's how it works:

    Dedicated Investment Manager Coordination: Your investment manager plays a crucial role in scheduling meetings with potential investors. They will take into account both your availability and that of the investors to find suitable times for discussions. This personalized approach ensures that meetings are set up efficiently and at times that work for all parties involved.
    Calendar Integration: Companies on the "Endorsed" plan have the option to publish their calendar directly on their WOWS profile. This feature allows investors to view your availability and book meetings directly, facilitating an easier connection and scheduling process.
    For companies using the "Pitch Ready" plan:

    Calendar Booking Link: Users on the "Pitch Ready" plan can include a calendar booking link in their profile, which allows investors to schedule meetings directly with them. This self-managed approach provides flexibility and control over meeting scheduling, although it doesn't include the personalized coordination service provided by a dedicated investment manager.
    For users on the free plan:

    Limited Calendar Features: Users on WOWS Global's free plan do not have the ability to share a calendar booking link directly on their profile. This limitation encourages an upgrade for better functionality and more direct engagement opportunities with potential investors.

  • What if we receive an investment offer outside of WOWS Global’s network?

    While enrolled in the "Endorsed" plan with WOWS Global, you are welcome to explore and accept investment offers from outside the WOWS network. Our approach is non-exclusive, allowing you the flexibility to pursue various funding opportunities that align with your business goals.

    However, if you do receive external investment offers, we encourage you to discuss these opportunities with your dedicated investment manager at WOWS Global. This allows us to assist you in several ways:

    Profile Updates: We can help ensure your company profile on WOWS Deal Flow and other relevant platforms is updated to reflect any new developments or funding statuses. Keeping your profile current is crucial for maintaining transparency and attractiveness to other potential investors.

    Strategic Guidance: Your investment manager can provide valuable advice on how to navigate the offer, ensuring that it aligns with your long-term business objectives and the terms are favorable. 

    Continued Support: Discussing external offers with WOWS Global allows us to continue supporting your overall funding strategy, including preparation for any subsequent rounds of funding or investor relations. 

    By keeping WOWS Global informed of all potential investment activities, you ensure that you receive comprehensive support tailored to your evolving business needs, maximizing your opportunities for success. 

  • Can we reapply if initially not approved for the "Endorsed" plan?

    Yes companies are able and encouraged to reapply after addressing feedback or making significant progress in their business.

  • What kind of investor network does WOWS Global provide access to?

    WOWS Global provides your company with significant exposure within a robust network of venture capitalists, angel investors, family offices, financial institutions, and other investors. Through our platform, My Deal Flow, we showcase your business to these potential investors. However, it's important to note that WOWS Global does not directly provide access to contact information or personal details of these investors.

    The exposure on My Deal Flow is structured so that investors can proactively reach out to your company if they find your business aligns with their investment criteria. This setup maintains investor privacy and allows them to initiate contact, ensuring that connections are made based on genuine interest and potential for successful partnerships. This method provides a respectful and efficient way for your business to be discovered and engaged by relevant investors from our extensive network.

  • How is the "Endorsed" plan billed?

    The "Endorsed" plan from WOWS Global requires billing upfront on a quarterly basis. When you sign up for this plan, you will need to commit to and pay for three months of service at the outset. This approach ensures a committed partnership between your company and WOWS Global, facilitating a focused and effective utilization of the services provided over a substantial period.

  • What kind of preparation is needed before applying for the "Endorsed" plan?

    Companies should prepare their WOWS Profiles, pitch decks, business plans, financials, and any evidence of market traction or potential to ensure a compelling application.

  • What is the 'Get Listed' service by WOWS Global?

    The 'Get Listed' service offers companies a platform to showcase their business to a broader network of potential investors, partners, and customers. It's completely free and offers a basic visibility package designed to help startups and growth-stage companies get noticed.

  • How can my company benefit from being listed?

    Being listed increases your visibility among a curated audience of investors, industry experts, and potential customers, helping you to attract investment, partnerships, and growth opportunities.

  • What information is required to get listed?

    Simply register and create your company on WOWS, add your stakeholders and funding history and get listed with.

  • Is there a fee for the 'Get Listed' service?

    The 'Get Listed' service offered by WOWS Global is available at no cost. This allows companies to create and maintain a profile on the platform without incurring any fees, making it easier for startups and other businesses to gain visibility among potential investors without a financial barrier. This complimentary service is part of WOWS Global's commitment to supporting emerging businesses in connecting with the right investment opportunities.

  • How does "Pitch Ready" differ from 'Get Listed'?

    The "Pitch Ready" plan offered by WOWS Global includes several additional features that differentiate it from the basic 'Get Listed' service. Here’s a breakdown of the key enhancements included in the "Pitch Ready" plan:

    Calendar Link Integration: Companies on the "Pitch Ready" plan have the ability to integrate a calendar link directly into their profiles. This feature allows potential investors to easily schedule meetings or calls with the company, streamlining the connection process and facilitating quicker engagement.

    Virtual Deal Room Access: This plan provides access to a Virtual Deal Room, a secure platform where companies can store and manage sensitive documents such as financial records, business plans, and due diligence materials. This centralized repository makes it easier for interested investors to access and review the necessary documents to make informed investment decisions.

    Ability to Upload Pitch or Product Videos: Companies can enhance their profiles by uploading pitch presentations or product demonstration videos. This feature enables companies to better showcase their value proposition, team, and products or services in a dynamic and engaging way, which can significantly boost investor interest and understanding of the business.

    These additional features in the "Pitch Ready" plan are designed to provide more robust tools and resources for companies seeking investment, offering them greater control over their interactions with potential investors and enhancing their visibility and appeal in the investment community.

  • What services are included in the "Pitch Ready" tier?

    The "Pitch Ready" tier offered by WOWS Global is designed to provide companies with enhanced tools and features that facilitate direct engagement with potential investors. Here's what's included in the "Pitch Ready" tier:

    Enhanced Profile Visibility: Companies get an improved profile on WOWS Deal Flow, which helps increase their visibility to potential investors browsing the platform.

    Calendar Link Integration: This feature allows companies to integrate a calendar booking link into their profiles. Investors can use this link to directly schedule meetings or calls, enabling quicker and more efficient connections.

    Virtual Deal Room Access: Companies gain access to the Virtual Deal Room, where they can securely store and share important documents like financials, business plans, and due diligence materials. This centralized document management aids investors in assessing the company’s potential thoroughly and efficiently.

    Pitch or Product Videos: The ability to upload pitch or product demonstration videos to the profile allows companies to more effectively communicate their business model, technology, and team dynamics, providing a richer context for investors.

    Promotional Opportunities: Companies may also receive additional exposure through features in WOWS newsletters and events, depending on the level of activity and interest from the investor community.

    Investor Matching: Although not as personalized as the "Endorsed" plan, "Pitch Ready" still offers some level of investor matching, helping to align company profiles with investor interests based on the data provided.

    The "Pitch Ready" tier is ideal for companies looking for more autonomy in managing their investor relations while still benefiting from structured support and exposure to a network of potential investors. This plan serves as a bridge between the basic visibility offered in 'Get Listed' and the comprehensive, hands-on support provided in the "Endorsed" plan.

  • Who can benefit from "Pitch Ready"?

    The "Pitch Ready" tier offered by WOWS Global is ideally suited for a variety of companies and entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their exposure and directly engage with potential investors. Here are several types of entities that can benefit from this plan:

    Startups and Early-Stage Companies: Young companies looking to raise initial rounds of funding can leverage the "Pitch Ready" tier to increase their visibility among a wide network of potential investors and to showcase their business model, technology, and team through enhanced profile features.

    Growth-Stage Businesses: Companies at a more developed stage seeking expansion capital can benefit from the direct scheduling features and Virtual Deal Room, which streamline communications and document sharing with prospective investors.

    Innovative Entrepreneurs: Individuals and teams with innovative solutions or products that need the right visibility to catch the eye of specialized investors can use the pitch or product video uploads to effectively communicate their unique value propositions.

    Companies Seeking Strategic Partnerships: Beyond just financial investment, businesses looking for strategic or industry-specific partnerships can find and connect with investors who provide more than capital but also strategic guidance and market access.

    International Companies Entering New Markets: Firms looking to expand into new geographic markets can use "Pitch Ready" to gain exposure to investors interested in new regions or global opportunities, helping them navigate and establish roots in diverse environments.

    Businesses Looking for a More Hands-on Approach: Companies that prefer to manage their investor relationships actively and want tools that facilitate these interactions will find the features of the "Pitch Ready" tier especially beneficial.

  • What is the cost of "Pitch Ready"?

    The "Pitch Ready" tier from WOWS Global is priced at $249USD per month. For those who prefer a longer commitment, there is an option to subscribe annually for $2,490 USD, which effectively gives you two months free compared to the monthly subscription rate. This annual plan requires a one-year commitment and is designed to provide a cost-effective solution for companies planning to use the platform extensively over a longer period. This pricing structure makes it accessible for a wide range of businesses looking to enhance their investor engagement and visibility.

  • What are WOWS Global's 'White Label' services?

    White Label' services allow organizations to rebrand and offer WOWS Global's investment and networking platforms under their own name. This is ideal for accelerators, incubators, and venture firms looking to provide added value to their cohorts or clients.

  • Who should consider the 'White Label' option?

    Entities that wish to enhance their offerings with a robust platform for funding, networking, and growth support, but prefer to maintain their brand identity.

  • What kind of customization does the 'White Label' service offer?

    The 'White Label' service offered by WOWS Global provides extensive customization options to meet the specific needs and branding requirements of your organization. Here’s a detailed look at the types of customization available:

    Branding: Customize the appearance of the platform to align with your company’s branding. This includes logos, color schemes, and other design elements that ensure the platform feels fully integrated with your existing corporate identity.

    User Interface: Tailor the user interface to enhance user experience according to the specific preferences and expectations of your organization. This can make the platform more intuitive and user-friendly for your staff and clients.

    API Integrations: Integrate with other systems and software through APIs to ensure smooth interoperability and functionality. This allows the platform to seamlessly connect with your existing business processes, data systems, and customer management tools.

    Specific Functionalities: Develop and incorporate specific features that are crucial for your organization’s operations and service delivery. Whether you need advanced reporting tools, customized dashboards, or special communication features, these can be developed to enhance your platform’s effectiveness.
    Organizations interested in the 'White Label' service with specific customization needs should reach out directly to WOWS Global. By discussing your specific requirements, WOWS can provide a tailored solution that aligns with your strategic objectives and operational needs, ensuring that the platform not only meets but enhances your business processes.

  • How is the 'White Label' service priced?

    The pricing for the 'White Label' service offered by WOWS Global is customized for each client, based on the specific requirements and scope of the project. Factors influencing the cost include the level of customization needed, the extent of support required, and the scale of deployment. This tailored pricing approach ensures that the service meets the unique needs of each client while aligning with their budget and goals.

  • What is the application process to be listed on WOWS?

    To be listed on WOWS Global, companies need to follow a straightforward process designed to ensure that they meet the platform's standards and requirements. Here’s a general outline of the steps involved:

    User Registration: Start by registering yourself on the WOWS Global platform. This registration is free and does not require a credit card. You simply need to provide your personal details to set up an account.

    Company Creation: Once registered, you can create a profile for your company. During this step, you'll input detailed information about your business, including your business model, market potential, team background, and specific investment needs. 

    Select a Plan: After setting up your company profile, select the appropriate plan that suits your business needs and objectives. This could range from a basic listing to more advanced plans with additional features and support. 

    Profile Submission: Submit your company profile for review. While additional document submission is rare, ensure that your profile is comprehensive and accurately reflects your business to attract the right investors. 

    Profile Review and Approval: Your profile will undergo a review process by the WOWS Global team to ensure it meets the platform’s standards for quality and reliability. This review is important to maintain the integrity of the platform and the quality of businesses presented to potential investors. 

    Activation: Once approved, your profile will be activated and listed on the platform, making it visible to potential investors. From this point, you can start receiving inquiries and engaging with the investor community. 

    Ongoing Profile Management: Keep your profile updated with any significant changes or developments in your business. Regular updates will help maintain investor interest and reflect your company’s current status and achievements. 

    This streamlined process is designed to make it easy for businesses to get listed and connect with potential investors efficiently on WOWS Global.

  • What is the criteria to be listed for investments?

    To be listed for investments on WOWS, companies must pass a basic audit for profile accuracy and completeness, with endorsed profiles undergoing a more detailed vetting process. Criteria include business viability, market potential, team quality, and alignment with investor interest.

  • Are there any geographical restrictions for startups or investors?

    WOWS Global operates internationally without specific geographical restrictions. However, all investment transactions must comply with local and international regulations, which might affect participants from certain jurisdictions.

  • How does WOWS handle confidential information?

    WOWS takes privacy and data protection seriously. The platform uses advanced encryption and follows stringent data protection regulations to ensure that all confidential information remains secure. Access to sensitive data is restricted and monitored, and startups have control over the information they choose to share with investors.

  • Is there a trial period available for any of the subscription plans?

    WOWS Global offers different trial and subscription options tailored to varying needs:

    Get Listed Plan: This is a free plan designed for companies to create a profile on WOWS Global and gain basic visibility among potential investors. There is no cost associated with this plan, and it does not have a time limit, making it an ongoing free offering.

    Get Connected Plan: For companies looking to enhance their visibility and access more comprehensive tools on the platform, the "Pitch Ready" plan includes a 7-day free trial. This trial allows companies to explore the additional features and services provided under this plan before committing to the monthly subscription fee. Companies can cancel their subscription at any time during or after the trial period. 

    Get Endorsed Plan: Due to the nature of the services included, such as personalized support from a dedicated investment manager and extensive company vetting, there is no free trial available for the 'Get Endorsed' plan. This plan is targeted at companies seeking a more intensive engagement to help secure funding. 

    For investors, there are no fees associated with joining or participating on the WOWS Global platform, ensuring accessible investment opportunities without upfront costs.

  • What is the average investment size that startups can expect?

    The average investment size can vary widely depending on the specific deal and investor interest. Investments can start as low as $10,000, with no upper limit, catering to a diverse range of funding needs from seed rounds to significant equity investments in later stages.

  • Does WOWS provide legal or financial advisory services?

    WOWS Global does not provide direct investment advice, as stated in our disclaimer, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and maintaining transparency. However, through our specialized division, WOWS Advisory, we offer tailored financial services designed to support companies in their capital-raising efforts.

    These services include: Financial modeling, forecasts, pitch deck preparation and other various financial adisory catering to the companies' due diligence readiness. It is important to note that while WOWS Advisory helps companies prepare for investment opportunities by enhancing their financial documentation and presentations, these services do not constitute legal or investment advice to investors. Our goal is to support companies in becoming investment-ready by improving their financial narratives and operational transparency.

  • What happens if a startup or investor breaches the platform's terms of use?

    Breaches of the platform's terms of use are taken seriously. WOWS Global reserves the right to suspend or terminate access to the platform for any parties found in violation of its terms. Specific consequences depend on the nature of the breach and can include legal action if warranted.

  • What types of resources does WOWS Global offer for startups and SMEs?

    WOWS Global provides a comprehensive set of free resources tailored to support startups and SMEs. These include a legal template library with essential document templates, exclusive partner offers to help scale business operations, and a rich collection of blogs and insights featuring industry trends and investment strategies.

  • How can the legal template library benefit my business?

    Our legal template library offers a range of document templates, from advertising agreements to co-founder contracts. These templates are designed to save time and provide a solid legal foundation for various aspects of your business operations.

  • Are there any costs associated with using the legal template library?

    No, the legal templates provided by WOWS Global are completely free to use. They are a valuable resource to help startups and SMEs draft necessary legal documents without the immediate need for costly legal services.

  • What are 'Partner Offers,' and how can I access them?

    Partner Offers are exclusive deals and discounts from service providers and product vendors, specially curated for WOWS Global users. These offers range from cloud services to marketing tools and are aimed at helping businesses grow and manage their operations more efficiently. You can access these by visiting our Partner Offers page.

  • Can the blogs and insights from WOWS Global help me make better investment decisions?

    Absolutely. Our blogs and insights delve into the latest market trends, provide strategic guidance, and offer expert perspectives on private investments. They are an invaluable tool for anyone looking to stay informed and make knowledgeable decisions in their investment journey.

  • How often are new resources added to WOWS Global's platform?

    We continuously update our resource offerings, including legal templates, partner offers, and blog content, to ensure that our users have access to the most current and relevant information available.

  • How can I find investment opportunities on WOWS Global?

    You can browse investment opportunities through My Deal Flow, where you can filter companies based on type, stage, geography, and industry. Detailed company profiles, pitch videos, and funding information are available to help you make informed decisions.

  • What is the All Holdings dashboard, and how does it benefit me as an investor?

    My Holdings is your personalized investment dashboard that shows your equity stakes across multiple companies. You can track your investments, assess gains, and monitor growth, enabling you to adapt your strategies across industries.

  • Can I manage multiple investments through WOWS Global?

    Yes, the 'All Holdings' dashboard allows you to oversee and manage investments across your entire portfolio. It provides a comprehensive view of total gains, growth percentages, and industry/geographical diversification.

  • Is there a tool for portfolio management?

    Yes, the 'All Companies' dashboard provides a portfolio management view for users managing multiple companies. It shows consolidated financial data, growth metrics, and the total value of companies managed.

  • How can I manage my company’s funding rounds and stakeholder equity?

    The 'My Company' dashboard allows you to manage all aspects of your company’s funding history, stakeholder equity, and funding rounds. You can add and manage stakeholders, set funding goals, and keep track of your equity distribution.

  • What is My Next Round, and how does it work?

    My Next Round is where you prepare your company for its next capital raise. Here you can specify your funding round details, upload pitch decks, and set your funding goals. Once completed, you can publish this information to My Deal Flow for investors to view.

  • How can I manage my company’s stakeholder and equity information?

    You can add stakeholders and their equity information directly through the 'My Company' dashboard. This feature lets you onboard stakeholders onto the platform, update their holdings, and ensure their investment information is accurate and up-to-date.

  • What features are available for creating and managing my company profile on WOWS Global?

    On WOWS Global, the 'My Company' dashboard is equipped with features that allow you to comprehensively manage your company’s online presence and investment strategy. You can input detailed information such as your industry sector, funding history, and stakeholder equity. It is critical to manage funding rounds through the dashboard and utilize the virtual deal room for due diligence and document sharing. To prepare for your next funding round, you can set funding goals and upload relevant documents. Importantly, adding and onboarding previous investors to your profile is strongly recommended as it enhances transparency and attracts potential investors by showcasing existing backing and confidence in your company.

  • Can I track investor interest in my company through WOWS Global?

    Yes, the platform allows you to see how many views your company profile has received, which investors have favorited your profile, and how many have accessed your pitch deck or requested to view your deal room.

  • What is the Virtual Deal Room, and who can access it?

    The Virtual Deal Room is a secure space within your 'My Company' dashboard to store and manage sensitive documents for due diligence. Access can be granted to potential investors upon request, providing a safe and professional environment to collaborate and share documents.

  • What insights can I gain from My Deal Flow?

    My Deal Flow is the investment section where you can filter and browse detailed company profiles. It provides insights into companies’ funding history, minimum investment sizes, and valuations. You can also view pitch videos, download pitch decks, and request access to companies' deal rooms.

  • Can I receive notifications about new investment opportunities?

    Yes, by setting your investment preferences, you can receive notifications when new opportunities that match your criteria become available.

  • How does the 'My Holdings' dashboard help me manage my investments?

    The 'My Holdings' dashboard provides a detailed view of your individual investments, showing your shareholding percentage, price per share, and any gains. It's a personalized tool that allows you to monitor the performance of your investments and make informed decisions.

  • Can I see if investors are visiting my company profile?

    Yes, the platform tracks profile visits and interactions, such as document downloads and deal room access requests, allowing you to gauge investor interest.

  • What information is included in a company profile?

    A company profile includes business descriptions, industry tags, funding goals, and rounds, as well as links to pitch decks and videos. Higher-tier plans allow for more comprehensive information, like deal room access and direct scheduling links for calls with investors.

  • How is the deal room useful during the fundraising process?

    The deal room provides a centralized, secure location to manage due diligence. It allows you to share vital documents securely, streamlining the due diligence process and facilitating efficient collaboration with potential investors.

  • What types of analytics are available to help me monitor my investments?

    The platform provides advanced analytics that offer a panoramic view of your investments, enabling you to assess gains, monitor growth, and adjust strategies across multiple industries.

  • Is there a tool to help manage my entire portfolio?

    Yes, the 'All Holdings' dashboard acts as a portfolio management tool, giving you insights across your entire investment spectrum. You can track the performance of multiple holdings, evaluate industry-wise value, and assess geographical distribution.

  • What is the WOWS Equity?

    The WOWS Equity platform is an integrated digital solution for company administrators to oversee and manage company ownership details and employee stock plans effectively. It combines Cap Table management and ESOP functionalities into one seamless tool, ensuring a transparent view of the company’s equity structure. This dual-feature system allows for precise management of share distribution, equity dilution tracking, and implementation of employee stock ownership plans, offering a clear, real-time view of the company's capitalization to all stakeholders.

  • What is WOWS Cap Table?

    WOWS Cap Table shows the ownership of the company's stock, options, and other securities, and is key to understanding the shareholders' economic and voting interests.

  • What is WOWS ESOP?

    WOWS ESOP management software is a digital solution for managing your company's Employees Share Options Plan. Our platform help streamline the process of managing employee stock options while making everything from grant awards to exercising to buyback plans consistent, transparent, and legally compliant for all members of the pool.

  • Who is the Equity Management tool for?

    The WOWS Equity Management Tool is principally intended for use by company administrators such as CEOs, CFOs, and HR managers. It's designed to enable them to meticulously manage cap tables, shareholder details, and ESOPs. Company administrators can add employees and investors as users to the platform, which then allows these stakeholders to access their individual equity dashboards. Through this process, employees and investors maintain visibility and engagement with the company's equity structure as designated by the company admin.

  • Can you describe the comprehensive features included in the WOWS Cap Table management tool?

    The WOWS Cap Table management tool is equipped with an array of sophisticated features designed to give a full-fledged experience in managing company equity. It supports convertible notes, enabling companies to track instruments that can be converted into equity, often used in early-stage financing. Warrants are also catered for, which are securities that grant the holder the right to purchase stock at a set price before expiration. Shareholder dashboards provide stakeholders with a personalized overview of their holdings and the company's equity structure.

    Additionally, the tool allows for running dilution scenarios, projecting the impact of future financing rounds on ownership percentages. Historical cap tables can be accessed, providing a chronological view of equity distribution over time. This comprehensive suite of features aims to offer users detailed control and insight into their company's equity management, making it easier to strategize for current and future investment rounds.

  • How does the tool help with ESOP management?

    It enables the design and deployment of custom ESOP plans that align with your company’s structure. Administrators can automate vesting schedules, manage liquidity events like buybacks, and offer employees clear dashboards to track their equity.

  • Can the tool manage multiple rounds of funding?

    Yes, our tool can manage multiple rounds of funding seamlessly, allowing administrators to track each round's progress, adjust the cap table, forecast dilution, and plan for future rounds.

  • How does the tool enhance transparency for stakeholders?

    Stakeholders have access to personalized dashboards where they can view real-time data on their equity, gains, and overall stake in the company. This ensures everyone involved is up-to-date and can make informed decisions.

  • Is it possible to run financial scenarios with the tool?

    Absolutely, the tool includes a feature to run detailed financial modeling, helping to evaluate different outcomes and forecast the potential impacts of funding rounds on the company’s equity structure.

  • How can stakeholders view their equity information?

    Stakeholders can log into their personalized dashboards provided by the tool to track their holdings, growth trajectory, and performance metrics.

  • What kind of support does WOWS offer for using the Equity Management tool?

    We offer exceptional support recognized by various software advice platforms. This includes guided onboarding, ESOP policy review, and customer service for any queries or troubleshooting.

  • What are the pricing plans for the Equity Management tool?

    WOWS offers flexible and scalable pricing plans designed to fit the needs and size of any company:

    Launch Plan: Perfect for small startups and early-stage companies, the Launch Plan is priced at $0 per month and supports up to 10 stakeholders. This plan provides the essential tools for equity management and stakeholder oversight.

    Growth Plan: Aimed at growing companies with expanding stakeholder bases, the Growth Plan costs $1.25 per user per month for companies with more than 10 stakeholders. If you opt for an annual subscription, this rate is reduced to $0.99 per user per month, offering a cost-effective solution for continuous equity management and reporting needs throughout the year. 

    Enterprise Plan: For larger companies seeking a white-label solution with advanced features tailored to their specific requirements, the Enterprise Plan offers custom pricing. This plan is ideal for organizations that need a personalized platform experience with comprehensive equity and ESOP management capabilities. 
    These tiered options are designed to grow with your company, ensuring that you have the right tools at every stage of your business journey.

  • Can I try the tool before committing to a plan?

    Yes, you can start with the Launch Plan, which is free and offers essential equity management features, and upgrade as your needs grow.

  • How can I set up my company's cap table using WOWS?

    Setting up your cap table on WOWS is straightforward. Once you log into your dashboard, you can enter details about your company's funding rounds, shareholder equity, and more. Our platform allows for real-time updates and easy management to reflect your company's current equity structure.

  • What is an ESOP, and how do I manage it on WOWS?

    An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a program that provides a company's workforce with an ownership interest. On WOWS, you can create customized ESOP plans that fit your company’s structure and culture, manage vesting schedules, and track employee stock option exercises.

  • Can I create and manage custom ESOP plans through WOWS?

    Yes, WOWS allows you to design and deploy custom ESOP plans. You can structure your ESOP to reflect your appreciation for your team’s contributions and align it with your company's specific requirements.

  • How can I track the vesting schedules and exercise periods for ESOPs?

    WOWS offers automated tracking for vesting and exercise periods of ESOPs, providing notifications and up-to-date information to both administrators and employees.

  • Can the platform support buyback events and liquidity solutions for ESOPs?

    Yes, the platform facilitates the organization of buyback events and other liquidity solutions, enabling your employees to achieve liquidity events with structured buyback programs.

  • What types of support can I expect with WOWS Equity Management?

    WOWS is recognized for its exceptional support, offering guided onboarding sessions and policy reviews. Additionally, you can contact our experts for tailored advice and solutions for your equity management needs.

  • Are there resources available to help me better understand equity management?

    Yes, you can explore our comprehensive FAQ section for insights and answers to common equity management queries. If you need more personalized guidance, you can contact our experts.

  • What is the WOWS Investment Portal?

    The WOWS Investment Portal is an investment ecosystem designed to connect a diverse range of companies, including startups and SMEs, with potential investors to facilitate capital raises.

    The platform offers various tiers of profile listings, each tailored to meet different needs and stages of company development. With services like the "Endorsed" and "Pitch Ready" plans, WOWS Global provides tools and resources that help companies enhance their appeal to investors and navigate the complexities of the investment process. This includes features like WOWS-endorsed profiles on WOWS Deal Flow, dedicated investment managers, and comprehensive support for preparing investor meetings and negotiating term sheets.

    The platform ensures that investors have access to a curated pool of companies without any associated fees, streamlining the investment process and supporting dynamic growth within the business ecosystem.