• What is WOWS Cap table?

    WOWS Cap Table shows the ownership of the company's stock, options, and other securities, and is key to understanding the shareholders' economic and voting interests.

  • What is WOWS ESOP Management?

    WOWS ESOP management software is a digital solution for managing your company's Employees Share Options Plan. Our platform help streamline the process of managing employee stock options while making everything from grant awards to exercising to buyback plans consistent, transparent, and legally compliant for all members of the pool.

  • What does the WOWS Equity Management tools cost?

    WOWS Equity Management includes Cap Table and ESOP Management tools and is completely free for up to 10 stakeholders. Our platform fees are US$5/user/month for monthly billing and US$4/user/month for annual billing from the 11th stakeholder onwards.

  • How can I get started?

    WOWS Cap Table is a self-serving platform. You can simply get started by signing up and start creating Cap Table and ESOPs. For concierge onboarding services, please reach out to support@wowsglobal.com

  • Can I share the shareholding information with my investors and employees?

    WOWS offers personalized portal for shareholders and employees to access information on their shareholdings or employee stock options.

  • Can I view historical cap tables?

    Yes, you can track complete history of your cap table at all times using our "View Historical" cap table feature.

  • Can WOWS Cap table calculate dilution?

    The Fully Diluted Cap Table features calculates the dilution of impact of instruments like Convertible Notes, SAFEs, Warrants, etc. giving user with the complete visibility of the Cap Table at all timest.

  • Can I include Warrants and Convertible notes to cap table?

    Yes, you can add both Warrants and Convertible Notes. Furthermore, you can also calculate the impact of such instruments on the Cap Table using the Fully Diluted Cap Table feature.

  • Can I download reports?

    Yes, WOWS Equity Management tools come with full reporting features allowing you to download and share data in various reports and formats.

  • How can I schedule a demo?

    Please block a meeting with our customer service representative here

  • What is WOWS Invest (for Investors)?

    WOWS Invest is your gateway to Private Market investment opportunities. Our platform provides users with investment access into startups and our team of experts ensures that the transaction is executed seamlessly.

  • What are the Investor fees?

    Our services are completely free of charge for investors, we charge commissions from the sellers.

  • Can anyone join as an Investor?

    Investor access to WOWS Invest is exclusively available to registered institutional Investors including Venture Capital and Private Equity firms as well as Accredited Private Investors including High Net Worth Angels and Family Offices globally. Exceptions can be made for Angels with an active investment track record. Please apply for access by completing this form.

  • What is the min investment size?

    25,000 USD

  • Do I need to be based or registered in Singapore to be listed on the Wows Global Platform?

    No, you do not have to be based or registered in Singapore.

  • What is WOWS Invest (for Startups)?

    WOWS Invest is a matchmaking platform that assists startups in their primary fundraising and secondary placements.

  • Can any Startup get listed on WOWS Invest?

    WOWS Global utilizes a holistic approach in assessing Startups prior to approving their listings. We ensure only the most suitable Startups are presented to the WOWS Investor Network. This assessment covers the
    following factors:
    1. Industry
    2. Founders Background
    3. Revenue Model
    4. Current Traction
    5. Past Growth
    6. Competitor Landscape
    7. Past Fundraising Activity

  • What kinds of financing options are available for startups?

    WOWS Global specialises in the following types of financing:
    1. Equity Financing
    2. Venture Debt
    3. Term Loan
    4. Invoice Factoring
    5. Secondary Transactions
    6. Bridge Financing

  • What is WOWS Advisory?

    WOWS Global offers bespoke Advisory Services to Startups of all stages. From data room creation and management services to valuations and complex financial modelling as well as ESOP implementation and term sheet negotiations - our in-house experts ensure startups are fundraising ready.
    We seek to optimise the fundraising process for startups and we are committed to ensuring the startups we work with are best positioned for capital raise. Interested Startups can learn more about WOWS Advisory by accessing this Page or contacting our Advisory Team.

  • What are the WOWS Advisory fees?

    WOWS offers a modular fees structure that varies as per mandate. You can find more information on our advisory fees here

  • Does WOWS provide valuation services?

    Our expert professionals provide a wide range of valuation and business analytic services. Please reach out to support@wowsglobal.com for more information.

  • Is there a minimum commitment required for securing financing through WOWS Global?

    WOWS Global provides flexibility in commitment durations, requiring a minimum commitment of 3 months. Additionally, options include commitments for 6 months and 12 months.

  • What are the associated fees for each commitment duration?

    The associated fees vary depending on the commitment duration:
    • 3-Month Commitment: $350 monthly. Total payment: $1,050.
    • 6-Month Commitment: $300 monthly. Total payment: $1,800.
    • 12-Month Commitment: $250 monthly. Total payment: $3,000.

  • Are there additional charges beyond the monthly commitment?
    Yes, WOWS Global applies a standard success fee structure for different financing types. For equity financing, startups are charged a 3% success fee. In the case of Venture Debt, the success fee is 1.5% for the total amount secured.
  • What services are included in the fees?

    These fees encompass a comprehensive suite of services, such as:
    • Onboarding Support
    • Investment Summary
    • Access to WOWS Virtual Deal Room
    • Fundraising Campaign to Our Internal Investor Network
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Investor Meeting Preparations
    • Due Diligence Assistance
    • Term Sheet Negotiation