Founder Spotlight: Lincoln Lin, Founder of Filmplace

Founder Spotlight

Founder Spotlight: Lincoln Lin, Founder of Filmplace

Welcome to this exclusive interview with Lincoln Lin, the visionary Founder of Filmplace, a groundbreaking platform that is reshaping the landscape of content creation and brand collaboration. Filmplace is not just a platform; it's a dynamic bridge that connects content creators and brands across the world, transcending linguistic and legal barriers. In today's conversation, we'll delve deep into Lincoln's journey, the inception of Filmplace, and how this innovative platform is empowering businesses to secure film locations, engage top talent, and tap into global content for their product placement projects. Get ready to discover how Filmplace is revolutionizing the content creation industry and unlocking new horizons for businesses on a global scale.

Founder Spotlight: Lincoln Lin, Founder of Filmplace 2


WOWS Global: What inspired you to start your company and has that initial vision evolved over time?

Lincoln Lin: Filmplace was started with a simple mission which is to solve location scouting problems on an international scale. Over the time as we have more users, our users have more demands and request for us to solve more problems and with the largest enough database, this allows us to have a bigger appetite to venture into new spaces within the industry. Today, Filmplace solves 3 problems: Location scouting, Talent booking, and global content (movies/drama) discovery for international brands who wants to do product placement.



WOWS Global: Explain what your company does so a 6-year-old would understand it.

Lincoln Lin: Filmplace is a global marketplace that connects content creators with brands, talent, and locations. It is a one-stop shop for everything you need to create your next film, TV show, or commercial.

On Filmplace, you can find a wide variety of film locations, from houses and apartments to businesses and outdoor spaces. You can also search for talent, including actors, crew members, and creative professionals. And if you need help with product placement, Filmplace can help you connect with brands that are looking to get their products in front of your audience.

Filmplace is available in over 50 countries and has helped to produce thousands of projects. It is a great resource for content creators of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

WOWS Global: Who is your favourite Entrepreneur and why do you find them inspiring?

Lincoln Lin: Elon Musk. He is not just an entrepreneur, but a true creator who make the impossible, possible. Creating things that people used to say he will go bankrupt but yet becoming one of the most successful entrepreneur. 

WOWS Global: When you are at your absolute bottom and are going through professional challenges, how do you lift yourself up?

Lincoln Lin: Take a break. Everyone need a break to think and take a step back. Breathe, before moving ahead to make the next decision. I personally enjoy travelling as it gives me time to stop thinking about work for a second. Once I'm back, I will be fully charged, ready for my next big action.

WOWS Global: Why do you believe you are personally best positioned to build your business?

Lincoln Lin: I personally had been in the industry for over 12 years and filmed in over 10 countries, and have started multiple businesses before allowing me to have an eye of what is going on in the startup world. I also understand the global creative market needs and have access to these network when neccessary, allowing us to grow a strong community and users within Filmplace.

WOWS Global: Over the last 12 months, what is your most profound realization / insight regarding the startup ecosystem?

Lincoln Lin:The entire startup ecosystem has changes the most drastic in the last 12 months ever since 2020 (where covid hit). Big raise is no longer guranteed even if you're on a late round. Most successful startup have shifted from raising the most money to growing the most revenue. Lots of startup that are still very deeply reliance on investment that fail to raise, shuts it door has hit the highest peak over the last 12 months as I do see a big shift in investment jumping towards profitable business rather than a business that solely rely on investment (such as WeWork from a $40B company to now a $200M company).

WOWS Global: What is your favorite sandwich?

Lincoln Lin: Not too much a sandwich person. I would prefer a nice big juicy tender beef burger with lots of spices on it. I'm a person of flavours; no flavour = won't get my interest.

WOWS Global: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs or those looking to start their own companies?

Lincoln Lin: Have a big vision, and aim for revenue. And most importantly, make sure you're solving a BIG Enough problem. With more revenue/sales, you will have more negotiating power when you are raising money from investors rather than getting pushed down on your valuation because you do not have the edge in the negotation. 

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