Most Read Blogs of 2022 on WOWS Global

Most Read Blogs WOWS Global 2022 Milestones

Most Read Blogs of 2022 on WOWS Global

For WOWS Global 2022 was an incredible year. WOWS GLOBAL set out to assist start-ups with their fundraising/secondary transactions and this year has been full of vital stepping stones on this mission.

We hit several milestones this year and set the foundation for 2023.

Some Key Milestones to Celebrate for 2022:

  1. We released WOWS Equity Management - Cap Table & ESOP modules including custom stakeholder dashboards
  2. We released WOWS Library
  3. We launched WOWS Invest
  4. We onboarded 100+ active startups seeking investment on to WOWS
  5. We connected with 28+ VCs, 15+ Family Offices, 8 PEs and 100+ angels to source investment opportunities on their behalf
  6. We have customers in 10+ countries
  7. We grew our team to 20 strong
  8. We forged partnerships with 18+ organizations including AWS, Stripe, IBM and Aspire to further our value add to our customer base.
  9. We were actively involved in raising USD $72M for the startups we represent
  10. We hit 7500+ followers on social media

And most importantly - we’ve assisted dozens of founders with their fundraising and become an active contributor in strengthening and educating the startup community.

Here are the most read blogs of 2022 on WOWS Global

  1. What is Funding? Understand the different types of funding – The article focused on giving an introduction to company funding, where it can come from, importance of fundraising, right time to raise funding, how much funding should be raised and some real world funding scenarios. This is the most read blog on WOWS Global. If you missed this please go ahead and read the same.

  2. Secondary Market Explained – This article is all about secondary market, why founders would consider a secondary sale, how secondary transaction work, what price do founders tend to sell their common shares and how to prepare for a secondary transaction before fundraising.

  3. Startup founders here’s your step by step guide to build your pitch deck – This detailed step by step guide will help founders to build a perfect pitch deck.

  4. Essential Items of a perfect pitch deck – These 11 Essential items of a perfect pitch deck. A persuasive pitch deck is pivotal to securing funds.

  5. Venture debt financing explained – This article explains what is venture debt financing, how venture debt works, venture debt structure, why consider venture debt over venture capital and major factors that venture debt lenders look for.

  6. Top 5 ways to manage employee attrition in startups - It is clear that early-stage startups are not in the position to compete with the higher salary levels or perks that larger, more established companies can offer. This means creativity is required. Here are the top 5 ways to manage employee attrition in startups.

  7. Startups – Here’s a step by step guide on how to calculate equity dilution - Startup founders need a comprehensive understanding of equity dilution. This includes key aspects such as what it is, how it works, what causes it, and how it can be calculated.

  8. 8 things not to do when pitching to an investor - The vast majority of founders know that preparing their pitch deck is a challenge. However, from there, presenting a persuasive investor pitch can be even more challenging. Indeed, many industry insiders feel that delivering an effective pitch is an art form! Here we are explaining 8 things that founders should NOT do when pitching to investors.

  9. Founders are you ready for your next funding rounds? - It is no secret that startup founders need to seek funding at different stages of their venture. However, this is no straightforward process. To secure the amount of funding you are after it is necessary for founders to fully understand what each funding round entails and when the time is right to begin each stage.

  10. Start-up fundraising challenges and roadblocks - 90% of start-ups fail. To say all of them don’t have valid business cases, professional leadership teams or a strong drive to succeed would be too simple and naïve. Data from thorough market research demonstrates that a majority of start-up leaders believe that their greatest obstacle lies in fundraising.

As the new year approaches the start-up ecosystem in Southeast Asia blooms and we hope WOWS Global will only continue to evolve as one of the major contributor in the start-up community.

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