WOWS GLOBAL's Engagements with La French Tech and Stripe

Networking La French Tech Startups 3 minutes

WOWS GLOBAL's Engagements with La French Tech and Stripe

For our seasoned LinkedIn followers, the vibrancy and value of community events have been a cornerstone of our marketing strategy at WOWS GLOBAL. These gatherings are not just about making connections—they're a catalyst for innovation and collaboration.

Divide & Conquer: A Strategic Evening with Partners

Just one week past, an evening of strategy unfolded as our very own Founder & CEO, Gagan Singh, graced the La French Tech Bangkok event. Held at the collaborative space of The Urban Office Thailand, the evening was a celebration of enduring partnerships that have powered our collective journey from the start.

A Toast to Fintech Synergies: Stripe’s Anniversary Dinner

Parallel to this, our founding investor Tharin Sethi was amidst the fintech elite, commemorating Stripe’s first anniversary in Bangkok. A convergence of leaders and decision-makers, the event not only celebrated fintech milestones but also fostered stronger ties, with Stripe offering our startup clients a welcoming hand through discounted processing fees.

Gratitude for Our Gracious Hosts

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the event's splendid organizers—Damien Kerneis, Etienne Rieuneau, Olivier DOMBEY, Sarita Singh, Tee Chayakul, and Supavadee Sakdanurak. Their warm inclusion of WOWS GLOBAL and their exceptional hosting made for events that were both successful and memorable.

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