WOWS GLOBAL at Money20/20 Bangkok

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WOWS GLOBAL at Money20/20 Bangkok

WOWS GLOBAL at Money20/20: A Hub for Innovation and Investment

The WOWS GLOBAL team is excited to announce that our CEO, Gagan Singh, is attending the prestigious Money20/20 event in Bangkok. This event is a significant gathering for industry leaders, investors, and startups, setting the stage for impactful discussions and collaborations.

Connecting with Visionaries If you are an investor seeking promising opportunities or a startup eager to raise capital, Money20/20 is the perfect platform to connect. Gagan Singh is keen to explore innovative ventures and discuss potential collaborations that can drive transformative partnerships.

Seize the Opportunity Feel free to reach out to Gagan directly at the event. This is your chance to engage with a leader who is at the forefront of the investment landscape. Let's ignite some transformative partnerships and shape the future together.

Thank You to the Organizers A special thank you to the Money20/20 organizers for hosting such a brilliant event. We are thrilled to be part of this vibrant community and look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead.